How to copy and backup the blu-ray "The Godfather Collection"

"The Godfather Trilogy" is no doubt one of the best movie series of all time, "The Godfather Collection" on blu-ray was released on Sep 23, 2008. this masterpieces blu-ray collection should belong on your movie shelf. if you already have it as collection, have you ever worried about if the original would be scratched while playing? you can back up the blu-ray movies at your computer hard drive or make a copy to avoid those scratches. If you want to make a copy of the blu-ray "The Godfather Collection" or backup at your computer hard drive, Let Ideal Blu-ray Copy help you, it had successfully removed the copy protection and able to help you get everything done.

Ideal Blu-ray Copy supports two copy modes, entire disc and only the main movie. If you want to get the same quality and content as the original blu-ray "The Godfather Collection", then you may use the default mode "Entire disc" mode. Want to deleted the unwanted subtitle and audio track, just use "Only the main movie" mode, it can fit your need.

Now, download  Ideal Blu-ray Copy and install it. Before using this blu ray copier, check the following things.

First, ensure you have a blu ray burner but not a blu ray ROM. If yours is just a ROM, the default option in "Destination" will be "Image Recorder [ISO file]" but not "[BD-RE] insert blank disc when reading finished". On this occasion, you can only copy the blu ray to your hard drive as .iso file which you can then playback by a virtual drive to enjoy the whole movie.

Then, ensure your computer is connected to internet. Ideal Blu-ray Copy needs access their sever to download the key to remove the copy protection. If Ideal Blu-ray Copy didn't function properly, check your firewall or anti-virus software, maybe they blocked it to access internet.

Finally, follow the steps below to burn "The Godfather Collection" blu ray to a blank blu ray with only one drive.

how to make a copy of blu-ray hangover 2

(1) Launch Ideal Blu-ray Copy
(2) Insert your "The Godfather Collection" into your bluray burner drive.
(3) Choose a proper copy mode from the "Copy mode" dropdown list.
(4) Modify the disc label as you like.
(5) Click "Start" button to begin copying.
(6) Insert a blank BD disc when our program askes you to do so, then press OK button to continue. When reading finished, Ideal Blu-ray Copy will eject the original bluray disc and ask for a blank one.

If you have two bluray drives, and one of them is a BD burner, then it will be easier to burn this blu ray movie to blank blu-ray.
(1) Launch Ideal Blu-ray Copy.
(2) Insert your The Godfather Collection to your bluray drive.
(3) Insert a blank bluray disc to your bluray burner.
(4) Choose a proper copy mode from the "Copy mode" dropdown list.
(5) Modify the disc label as you like.
(6) Click "Start" button to begin copying.

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