Release (Copy to SIM Card)

The application enables you to copy your phone contact(s) to a GSM SIM card. Good for contacts backup. It doesn't support dual sim.

Email for bug reports or feature requests, before you give us a low score.

***************************************** Note *******************************************
*** Please make sure your sim card is unlocked before using the app.          ***
*** For some strange reason, on some phones you need to turn flight mode  ***
*** on and off, and then restart the application, to make it work .                  ***



More stable version.


Add Italian language support (courtesy of Diego Pierotto)

Paid version

v.1.15 - 1.17
  • Edit individual SIM contact.
  • Batch copy or delete a few selected contacts.
  • Sort contacts according to the default locale.

  • Only copy the first 12 characters of your contacts to a SIM card, due to limitation of some SIM cards.
v 1.06 - 1.11
  • Bug fixes
v 1.05
  • Add Chinese locale
  • Add number indication in tab titles.
v 1.04
  • Add Korean locale
  • Handle visible contacts only, the application load faster.
v 1.03
  • Add "Refresh" option menu, to read contacts from SIM & phone, just in case phone contact info changed after the application is started
  • Some UI changes & bug fixes
  • bug fix: in previous version, only the first phone number of a given contact will be copied to SIM card. Starting from this version, all numbers will be copied.
  • SIM card has limitation on length of names. Copy the first 14 characters of the display name to SIM card only.
v0.5 (renamed to v1.01 for consistency)
  • check contact duplication before copying to SIM card.
  • bug fix: won't crash the software if phone orientation changes during contact copy process.

  • copy all phone contacts (name & phone) to a SIM card, emails not supported yet
  • erase a SIM card
  • delete SIM contact one by one
  • copy phone contact to a SIM card one by one
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