Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Please read through the terms and conditions before signing the booking form. We will take great care of your dogs while they are with us, and hope that they have an enjoyable stay. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


'The Owner' means the person who has authorised the Paws Hotel to take care of their dog/s.
'The Booking Confirmation Form' is the form to be completed for each visit.
'The website' is The Paws Hotel website at www.ThePawsHotel.co.uk

Please make Cheques payable to S Pearson

The conditions apply to the contract between The Paws Hotel and the Owner.

Charges and Payment
The boarding charge is the amount set by the The Paws Hotel and agreed by the Owner.
In addition there could be 'special' charges which may be incurred such as:
Any vet bills incurred by The Paws Hotel for the benefit of the Owner's dog.
The full replacement value of any property damaged by the Owner's dog, which may include damage by defecation or chewing of any furnishings, or furniture or for any other reason not necessarily listed here, which may occur.
These charges will be payable by the Owner when collecting their dog.

50% of the total cost must be made at the time of booking to reserve a place for your dog. The remaining cost must be paid upon arrival.

During our peak periods, like Xmas, New Year, Easter and August (the high season) The Paws Hotel shall require a payment of 100% of the total, and payment must be made at the time of booking to reserve a place for your dog.

Cancellation Fees
Not wishing to seem  unreasonable, but with such limited availability, late changes of your plans can be financially devastating for us.
To encourage stability we have a policy of charging if we encounter these problems.
So, during the low season, if you were to cancel 30 days (or less) prior to the booking start date The Paws Hotel would charge 50% of the total booking cost, which would be the whole of the deposit.
Similarly, during our peak periods (our high season) if the booking is cancelled between 60 days to 31 days before the start date The Paws Hotel shall charge 50% but if the cancellation was 30 days (or less) beforehand, we would charge 100%.
In the event of failure by the Owner to pay The Paws Hotel promptly or at all, The Paws Hotel shall have the right to terminate this agreement without notice and to charge interest at the rate of 4% per annum above the Base Lending Rate and to take action through the courts or otherwise for recovery.

Day Care cancellations must be a full 24 hr notice in off peak times and 7 days notice in peak holiday.

Owner's Undertaking
The Owner shall confirm that the dog has been inoculated against distemper, rhinotracheitis, tracheo-bronchitis and parvo-virus and that the inoculations are all up to date. If the dog is exempt from inoculations due to illness involving a compromised immune system a vets letter must accompany the booking form.
That his/her dog has not at any time prior to the booking attacked any human being or animal.
That there are no facts or circumstances which should have been notified to the Paws Hotel which would affect their decision to accept the dog for boarding.
That the information on the Booking Confirmation Form is correct.
That The Paws Hotel may seek the assistance of a veterinary surgeon and authorise him/her to give any treatment deemed necessary.
That he/she will indemnify The Paws Hotel against all costs, claims and damages arising from any act of the Owner's dog whilst in the care of The Paws Hotel.
That the owner will pay any outstanding charges when collecting their dog.

The dog will be collected promptly at the agreed time made upon booking.
Any breach by the Owner of the Terms and Conditions could result in the Owner's dog being placed in a boarding kennel at the Owner's expense, and if necessary, without giving notice to the Owner.


The Paws Hotel Undertaking
The Paws Hotel will take every care of the Owner's dog during their stay.
The Paws Hotel cannot accept any liability for loss, injury or death of the Owner's dog except when such loss, injury or death is recoverable under the terms of the insurance policy. 

Whilst The Paws Hotel will use its best endeavors to honor the booking, should there be any reason outside its control, or through unexpected life events , then The Paws Hotel reserves the right to arrange for a suitable alternative to appear in its place so that the dogs booked can be cared for elsewhere. 

Should the alternative arrangements be unsatisfactory to the owners of the dog/dogs booked the owners will be provided with a full refund in order for them to make their own alternative arrangements.  

Owner's Failure to Collect
If the Owner is unable to collect his/her dog from the Paws Hotel on the agreed date we must be informed as soon as possible. Failure to inform us may result in us having to re-home your dog.

Legal Binding
This agreement made between the Paws Hotel and the Owner is legally binding and any dispute arising out of it could be subject to the jurisdiction of a court of law.

I have read and agree to the Paws Hotel Terms and Conditions

Signature of Owner

Sue Pearson,
28 Jan 2013, 11:50