. Do you ever stay in the owners Home instead of keeping my dog at The Paws Hotel?

   Yes this can be arranged please contact for details.

 . If staying at my home would you care for my other animals?

   Yes I have over the years owned or cared for cats, Goats, Hens, Pigs, Sheep, hamsters, Rabits and for many years taught, competed in and judged Dressage so am very experienced with horses. 

 . Do you take bitches that are due in season?

    No Sorry.

 . Will you take elderly dogs that need special care?

   Yes, please contact to discuss any special needs

 . How much notice must I give to book my dog into The Paws Hotel?

   The sooner the better to avoid disappointment, especially during holiday seasons.

 . I have a puppy can I book it in with you?

   Yes if the puppy is fully inoculated and house trained

 . Do you accept last minute bookings?

   Yes sometimes, its always worth asking.

 . Can I come and meet you prior to making a booking?

   Yes I actively encourage this.

 . Will you need to meet my dogs before accepting them at the Paws Hotel?

   This is a pre requisite if your dogs are not already known to me.

 . How do I make my reservation?

Please contact with your proposed dates. Assuming that the date's are available you will then need to print and sign the terms and conditions page and the booking form. 

This should them be mailed together with 50% deposit within 3 working days of the provisional booking being taken to ensure that you do not lose your preferred dates.

 . Shall I bring my dogs bed?

In order to make your dog feel settled we suggest that you bring your own bedding and a couple of toys, some dogs also like an old jumper or similar that holds your scent.

 . What about feeding?

believe that it is far kinder on the dogs digestion to not have sudden changes in food therefore we expect you to provide your own dog food together with details of their feeding routine, 

 You should bring at least 1 days extra food in case you are delayed for some reason.

 . When you walk my dog will it be let off the lead?

 This is entirely down to the owners instructions.

 For the first couple of days the dogs would be lead walked only even if the dog has excellent recall.

 If you (the owner) require that your dog be walked off lead this will only be done in safe and quiet places.

 All canine visitors to The Paws Hotel will have off lead games in our secure garden every day.

 During the summer months the house is kept open and canine visitors can chose to follow me while I work in the garden, Sunbathe or seek the shade inside the house.

 . Do you have a kennel licence 

 Yes all home boarders must have a kennel licence even if  they only board one dog.

 . Do you have any insurance?

   Yes I hold indemnity insurance as required in order to have a kennel licence

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 . Will my dog be the only dog on the premises

No due to demand it is possible that your dog may be sharing my home with other dogs, Individual bookings may be arranged for a surcharge