About Us


The Paws hotel is designed to be the stress free alternative to kennels.

We are dedicated to making your dogs stay with us as enjoyable as possible.


Many dogs find staying in kennels a worrying experience lacking in the comforts that they are accustomed to and with limited human company.


I have owned and worked with animals all my life.

I have also been actively involved in dog obedience training and was a familiar face in the show ring with my Doberman, Oscar all over the UK and in Ireland and so I am familiar with the care of show dogs.


Having recently become a home without paws I looked for a way to have happy wagging tails around me without the devastation of loosing another best four legged friend, So the Paws Hotel was born.


The decision to open a home from home alternative to kennels was based upon the needs of two of my own dogs.

(sadly both now departed).

Oscar a Doberman, was a great worry when he stayed in kennels He always came back to me a great deal thinner than when he went in. This was in no way the fault of the kennels, he just did not like being there! I often said at the time that I wished that there was the sort of alternative that I am now providing.


Jake my Greyhound (ambassador for his breed), was a very gentle and loving chap who actually quite liked staying in kennels. Unfortunately after developing an auto immune disease he was not able to have the annual vaccinations and so the kennels would not accept him as a boarder.


My home is in Poynton, Cheshire. I have a good sized garden that is fully secured and there is easy access to many safe local walks.


I provide a secure, safe, comfortable and calm place for your dogs to stay.

They are groomed daily if required and enjoy daily excursions to read all the new smells out on our walks.


The  most important thing that I provide is the love and attention that your dogs deserve.

I hold a 5* licence as a home boarder with the East Cheshire new boarding regulations 2019

My licence number is CE/BH26/311221