Welcome to

The Paws Hotel

On this site you will find a map of my location together with a bit about myself, my home and the services I provide

plus the standard of care, my contact details, rates and the booking form together with the terms and conditions.

I am licenced as 5* rating to uphold all the new Home boarding requirements and also insured.

My licence number is CE/BH26/311221

My aim is to provide a stress free home environment for your dogs to stay in. 

A home from home situation ensuring that your dog enjoys his/her holiday while you are enjoying yours.

Dogs are social animals and like to be with people (their pack)

When you are away I will be their substitute pack. They can follow me around just as they do with you.
and I will give them all the same love and affection, that you do to.

Your Dogs will live in my home as a member of the family. I treat every canine guest as an individual and will provide where possible the same daily routine that they are used to.

I have a licence to have up to 4 dogs at a time, this is to accommodate flight delays, where pairs of dogs are booked in. 

I prefer to have no more that 2 dogs staying with me and only allow this when the dogs are either known to me or already know each other. 

I do offer exclusive bookings but this has a surcharge attached.

My home has a larger than average garden which is completely escape proof.

I am situated in an area of many footpaths and some great safe walks.

The house is dog friendly and I am happy sharing the sofa and chairs if that is what your dogs are used to.

If a dog wishes to sit and watch TV on my knee in the evening they will be more than welcome to do so.

Likewise if they are in the habit of using your feet as a pillow while snoozing that is fine with me as well.

My main aim is to allow your dogs the freedom that they would enjoy in their own home.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your pet's needs or have other questions.


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