The Coptic Church in Jericho

سيتم تحويلك للموقع الجديد

Coptic Jericho

There are 3 Coptic Monasteries in Jericho: St Zacchaeus (Mar Zakka), St Anthony and St Bishoy.

They are all within short driving, if not walking distance of one another. Each monastery contains a Church, living quarters for the monks and workers, and large agricultural land, as well as some animals (e.g. poultry).

Due to the nature of our relatively small (monastic) Coptic community in Israel, there are 2 permanent monks as well as several workers taking care of the three monasteries.

The nature of the work there is predominantly agricultural. Their work involves maintaining and working the land (planting, harvesting, transporting produce to be sold at markets etc).

The Coptic Monastery of St Zacchaeus, Jericho:



The Coptic Monastery of St Anthony, Jericho: