Sponsoring Page

My church would love to sponsor a trip, what are our responsibilities?
    1) You are responsible for filling your trip.  The minimum is 25 men and a maximum of 35 men or boys 16 years old or older(no younger boys or women on the men's trips please). You should receive the donations for the trip and forward them on to Copper River Float Ministry as one check. Hopefully there is a way if someone would like to go and can not afford it there should be a scholarship to allow him to come.
     2) You should have at least one leader for the trip.The church needs someone to organize the announcements to the church and handle the reservations. This person should be in contact with Dave Lemaire and give him the total number of people your church is bringing on the trip. We need these numbers by wed night. You should have someone lead the carpools to Glennallen and to the "pull out" site. You should plan on meeting at the church early Friday morning and leave together in time to be at the "pull out" between 9:00 and 9:30.
    3) To work with CRFM on securing a speaker for your trip. We strongly recommend the speaker be someone that the men would not hear often. This increases the chances that the men will not "zone out and not hear the speaker".  It is sponsoring church's respondsablity is to give the speaker an honorarium for his cost of traveling and his work to prepare to speak.
    4) We hope that you will use this trip to ignite or reignite your men's ministry program.  We cannot be your church's men's activity. After your church has sponsored a trip CRFM will not be able to sponsor another trip for two years. We are sorry but we have alot of churches that are requesting our ministry to work with them on trips. CRFM hopes that you will see how outdoors ministries works for men and try to open your own type of outdoor ministry.  If you need help with this please contact us or check out www.godsgreatourdoors.org or www.christiansportsmanfellowship.org.