Speaker Page

Help, I've been asked to speak on a float trip, what do I speak on?  CRFM does not like to tell the speakers what to speak about-we leave that to the Holy Spirit. However, we would like to give some suggestions of what has been done before and was received well.  If this was the idea that you had, don't worry that someone has "stolen your thunder".  Go ahead with what God is leading you with.  We are sure that the messages will be different enough that they will still do their work on the men.  Since we serve so many churches the chances that those men have heard a message on the same subject some years before does not mean they won't need to hear the message God is telling you to give.  Think of this as a unique time where the men are away from the distractions of life, job, and family.  This is an opportunity to speak directly to men on subjects that they need to hear.  Over the years we have heard some very powerful messages on struggles that men have in faith and in life.  Here are some examples:
1) Men who have wrestled with God, and how they came out better for it.  It is O.K. to wrestle with God.
2) A series on the christian husband, the christian father, and the christian man.
3) CPR for your life, Confession, Reconciliation, and Praise.
4) A man's deadly sins.
5) Christian warfare. a pastor and a Sgt. Major did an interactive message on how the military would destroy an enemy, and how Satan uses that same strategy on us.
6) What are you doing now? What should you be doing for God?  And what is stopping you?
These are just some examples that we have heard in the past.  Take your message where the Holy Spirit leads you, but don't be afraid to speak personally about your struggles. One of the best received messages on the river was a message that a pastor shared about his struggle with his father and how that effected his ministry until he made reconciliation with his father.  It helps the men open up to others when they know that even pastors have struggles.
After the message, please encourage the men to find a quiet place on the beach on think about a challenge from the message.  If possible share what they thought about with some one, If they need to talk to some one, encourage them to see you or one of the ministry team members. (all CRFM team members will have CRFM hats on).
There are three times to speak, immediately after each meal.  Friday night after dinner is finished we move all the coolers and dryboxs in a semi-circle around the campfire while some men will sit on logs or on the ground.  Saturday morning is pretty much the same. Saturday afternoon is at another camp in a public campground and the trip is winding down.  This is a good time to challenge the men on how they are going to take what they have learned and make it permanent. This is not the best time for really personal messages, use the first two messages time for that.
If you have some discussion questions that would prepare the men for your message, you could get them to team CRFM and they will get them to the oarsman to have some discussions as they travel down river.