Float Pictures


Floating the River: 





 floating time


 the launch site


Relaxing float time






 Float pictures


 Float pictures


 Float pictures

Fishing Time:          



Getting ready to head out


 nice Grayling being released


 another nice grayling





 nice king caught on a trip


 another king bites the dust



Message Time:          




 Message time on the river


 Speaking on the riverbank









 Message time


 Church on the riverbank


 coolers instead of pews!






 fellowship time


 Reflection time

 Meal Preperation & Serving Time:          




 Dave cooking on our custom built stove


 cookshack workers


 morning prayer before breakfast




Team CRFM preparing to serve breakfast

Misc. Photos          


 view from camp


 our campsite










 fellowship around the fire


 The fleet of rafts


 alone time for reflection








 custom-built port-a-potty




 breaking camp