What to expect on a Copper River Float Ministry trip.

The most important thing to expect is that you will be challenged in your faith. There will be three challenging messages  brought to you out on the river bank, that is specifically targeted for men. These messages are to challenge you to be a man of faith, better husband and father, and leader in the church. The men are also challenged to have their own personal misson to serve God. The trip offers an opportunity to bring along a friend that does not go to church, and allow him to see faith in the lives of the men.
Is it possible that the greatest sin of omission, is the sin of No mission? Dave Lemaire
What is it like on a CRFM trip?  The trip actually starts at the church parking lot in Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks or wherever your church is. Several vehicles will travel together to Glennallen. The convoy will meet at the "take out spot” at the bridge, next to the highway.  After a short introduction, the vehicles will be unloaded and the men and their gear will be loaded onto the bus and taken to the launch site. 
Everyone will work together helping pack the gear to the river.  CRFM team will load the men's gear on the rafts.  The will be a short safety discussion and prayer, the oarsmen will select their passengers and loads them into the rafts and start floating down the river. The whole group will leave at the same time; it is quite a sight to see 12 or more rafts of men floating down the river together.  During the float time there will be time to cast for grayling and trout, or just relax and visit with the men in your raft. 

We will float and fish all the way to the campsite. This should take about 4-5 hours.   We will pull out at a preselected sandbar to set up camp. All the men join in to pack the gear up the river bank to the campsite.  The diehard fishermen are free to fish for King Salmon while team CRFM sets up the cook shack and tents; of course if the men want to help we would appreciate their help. Some team members work on the cook shack, some gather the firewood and start the fire, and some set up the tents and the privy. 

                Team CRFM then starts cooking dinner.  This is actually a show to watch to see 6-8 men running around between the campfire and the cook shack preparing the meals.  A word to the wise - don’t walk between them; they have been known to run men over.  Together they cook an awesome dinner of Cajun blackened salmon, spicy cajun rice, coleslaw, potato salad, and dinner rolls.

                After dinner we sit around the campfire and listen to message from our speaker. The messages are specially prepared on subjects the men need to hear.  After the message you will be challenged to find a quiet place on the beach and think about the message for a few minutes. This is a great time for reflection and decision on allowing God’s Word to make a difference in our lives.  Then the guys are free to go and attack the holes where those King Salmon are hiding. Or you may want to sit around the campfire and visit with the men. Team CRFM will keep the coffee pot full and the tea water hot.

                When you are ready to turn in for the night, team CRFM has set up the tents for you; just lay out our sleeping bag and catch some much needed, peaceful sleep.  Nothing like sleeping out in God's creation in remote Alaska.

                In the morning team CRFM will start the coffee pot and campfire to welcome you.  After the men are up, the team will start breakfast. Breakfast is “pan omelets” (a scrambled egg dish with lots of sausages, peppers, onions, garlic, and different cheeses), hash browns, and English muffins.  After breakfast our speaker will share another message with the men.  The men will be encouraged to take some time for reflection and considering how to apply what they have heard to their lives.  After some time for reflection the men will gather up their gear in their dry bags and take them down to the boat that they are riding in.  After that they can get in some more fishing time, or help team CRFM take down the camp. When the camp is taken down and loaded into the boats, and the beach cleaned up we will gather up the fisherman and start floating down the river again.  As time will allow we will stop at some holes to fish for Kings.  As lunch time arrives we will pull out at another camp site.  Team CRFM's wives will meet us there, the ladies will have a hot lunch prepared for us.  After lunch we will listen to the last message prepared for us by our speaker.  From there it is a 1-1/2 hour float from there to the "pull out" at the bridge.  The team will do everything in our power to be off the river and loaded up by 5:00pm.  We want to leave time for a safe travel home and an early enough arrival home so that you will make it to church Sunday morning.