Non-Electric Detonators

Non-Electric Detonators are linear signal transmission devices designed to transmit an energetic signal through shock tube to a specific detonating output. Shock tube is a hollow extruded tube containing a thin layer of energetic material on its inner diameter. Once initiated, the shock tube transmits a signal to a detonating output charge, typically incorporating an instantaneous output or a pre-determined pyrotechnic event. Non-Electric Detonators are available in either single or dual shock tube configurations.

shock tube detonators are designed to initiate explosives and other energetic materials. They are used in military demolitions, explosive ordnance disposal, minefield clearing, explosives testing, and special applications. EBA&D manufactures devices of varied length with specific output and associated accessories. Detonators are designed to be interoperable with munitions, cap wells, detonating cords, high explosives, and Lead-In-Lines.

Dual Lead Detonators are used when conditions or mission requirements deem it necessary to have the maximum reliability. Common applications of Dual Lead-In-Lines are close quarters breaching, urban breaching, obstacle clearing, and critical target destruction.

Detonating Cord

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