Blasting Techniques in High Production underground metal Mines

Improved & Accurate Blasting Techniques with modern Precision Drilling – Key to Achieve techno-economics of High production Underground metal mines. says the author. Sublevel stoping for high production: Sublevel is one of the most important methods of choice for achieving high production rate in Underground Metalliferous mines.
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Blasting Techniques in High Production underground metal Mines

Blasting Techniques in High Production underground metal Mines. is the one of the best writing, I have read during the last few years.
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 N G Nair Kerala Travel Thiruvananthapuram. I was born and brought up at the Beautiful Coastal Kerala, but I was fascinated by the mountains of Western Ghats since from my child hooddays. Mountain ranges in Kerala consisting of high land area of Western Ghats. The western Ghats are not true mountains but are the faulted edge of Deccan Plateau. They have believed to have formed about 150 million years ago. The range called Sahyadri Mountains in Maharashtra and Sahya mountains in Kerala. Also see Wayanad District in north east of Kerala. Ponmudi is a hill station in Thiruvananthapuram.N G NairMining Consultant India on Indian Mining LegislationHuman Resource Development  & Managerial Skill. Effective Supervision and Attitude BuildingHuman Resource Development & Managerial SkillAttitudes and Job SatisfactionTraining Programme on Motivation, Time Management, Business EnglishN G Nair India. Kerala Travel , 

I was born and brought up at the Beautiful Coastal Kerala, but I was fascinated by the Mountains of Western Ghats since from my Child hood days. Mountain ranges in Kerala consisting of the highland area of the Western Ghats‎  . 

Ponmudi (Malayalam: പൊന്മുടി) (The Golden Peak) is a hillstation in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala
Blasting techniques in underground metal mines -
Blasting Techniques in High Production underground metal Mines. 
By Partha Das Sharma. Author is Graduate (B.Tech – Hons.) in Mining Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur (1979) and was associated with number of Mining and Explosives Organizations, MOIL, BALCO, Century Cement, Anil Chemicals VBC Industriies, Mahashtra Explosives etc., Before associating with the Present Organization M/C Solar Explosives Ltd., Nagpur.