My Last Working Day on 19.09.2009 at Hindustan Copper Limited

Mining Companies I've worked for
Hindustan Zinc Limited,; Hindustan Copper LimitedBharat Gold Mines LimitedRajsthan State Mineral Development Corporation; Rajasthan State Industrial & Mineral Development Corporation; Khetri Copper ComplexMalanjkhand Copper Project; Kolihan Copper MinesMahi Graphite Project Rajasthan;

Blasting by Raydet Vis-a-Vis Detonating Cord Down the Hole Production Drilling Pattern KHETRI AND KOLIHAN MINES KHETRI COPPER COMPLEX Long Hole Drilling 57 mm Diameter hole MALANJKHAND COPPER PROJECT Mine Planning and Equipment Selection Open Cast and Under Ground Mine section Over Hand stoping - Room and Pillar stope drilling and cable bolting Sub Level Caving Method (block caving)An Introduction to Malanjkhand Ariel View of Malanjkhand General View of Malanjkhand Copper Mines Malanjkhand Township Quarters Mechanized OpenCast Copper Mining My Last Working Day on 19.09.2009 at Hindustan Copper Limited Photo from Malanjkhand Copper Project Plantation at Malanjkhand Copper Project Wikimapia - Training Centre Malanjkhand Wikimapia Malanjkhand Copper Mines About N G Nair from thottakom Vaikom Kottayam  Sarla Nair India (Copper Mining Family)

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