Malanjkhand Copper Project

Malanjkhand Copper Project. Photo from Malanjkhand Copper Project, Malanjkhand, Balaghat dist. MP State India.

 Malanjkhand Technical association - The First web site Designed and developed for The technical association by  N G Nair Mining Consultant IndiaMechanized Open Cast Mine and Under Ground Mines  Republic Day Celebrations 26 Jan 2009Malanjkhand (Malanjkhand Copper Project) is the biggest base metal (Copper) Open It Mine in India located at a distance of 90 kilometers North-East of Balaghat In Madhya Pradesh, at an altitude of 576 MRL. It falls in the tahisil of Baihar, which is 22 Kms away from the project, on the way to the district town, Balaghat MP State. Government sanction for the Malanjkhand Copper Project was obtained in June 1977 and stripping operation started in August 1979, after the first shovel was commissioned and haul roads and shovel faces constructed. The mine at full production capacity will remove 11.5 million tones of overburden and waste rock, to recover 2 million tones of chalcopyrite ore of average grade 1.2 cu per annum. A total of 22.6 Km of diamond drilling in 91 bore holes has been carried out till September 1978 to explore ore reserves upto a depth 376 MRL N G NAIR MINING ENGINEER, FIRST CLASS MINE MANAGER. View the Profile.Learn HTML, and  PUNE MAHARASHTRA

From Mines Plan and section, Khetri and Malanjkhand
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Mine Planning Engineer - Malanjkhand Copper. Copper Mining Family India. Hindustan Copper Limited. Mining Engineers Dairy - Metalliferous Mines India. Layout Plan of Malanjkhand Copper ProjectConcentrator Plant Malanjkhand Copper Project
From N G NAIR Malanjkhand "My Experience in Mines"
My Last Working Day on 19.09.2009 at Hindustan Copper Limited.  ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning   COMPUTER BLASTING MODULES ,Copper Mines in India
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Blasting in Mines to improve Fragmentation and Reduce ground Vibration in Mines - ‘Blasting in Mines – an Art or a Science?. Blasting in Mines - Video ClipsProf. Nehru E. Cherukupalli's Visit to Our Training Centre Malanjkhand Copper Project, of Hindustan Copper Limited on 18.08.2009. 
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