Malayali Festivals - Pooram (malayalam:പൂരം)

Malayali Festivals.  Ottapalam in Kerala state India is the heart of Valluvanad culture. Its rich in festivals. There are hundreds of hindu temples situated in and arroud ottapalam Kerala. March to May end is the season for "Pooram" festivals celebrated in various temples.
Pooram festivals are colorful shows of Valluvanadan culture in Kerala state India. N G Nair India.
Kerala is God’s own country and rightly so for a myriad of reasons. Each corner of the state is dipped in pristine natural beauty and a majestic charm envelops it from all sides. Be it the natives, their costumes and attires, be it the flowers that they adorn or the cuisine, each aspect of Kerala has a mystic aura to it attracting and inviting tourists to come and take a plunge into it. Also, the customs and traditions reflected through the Malayali festivals are unique and have a mythical appeal to it, other than the inherent religious fervor.

The Malayali Calendar is full with different festivals and celebrations that are observed throughout the year. Onam, Vallamkali, Vishu and Christmas are the significant festivals of Kerala celebrated all over the state.
The Malayali New Year is celebrated as Vishu and it has a religious as well as a social significance attached to it. It is observed in the most traditional way in all households of the state and the senior members of the family are generally seen giving money and other presents to the younger ones. Vishu in all sense wishes every one a prosperous and happy New Year and is thereby one of the most loved Malayali Festivals. 
On the occasion of harvest, people of Kerala celebrate the Onam festival. Joy and merrymaking are the quintessential elements of Onam that are usually associated with a good harvest, also signifying prosperity. Legends are associated with Malayali festivals and the one accompanying this one maintain that this festival is observed as the homecoming of the ancient king Mahabali. Idols of lord Vishnu is worshipped in every home and the most fond picture of this Malayali festival that comes to the mind is that of huge flower decorations in front of every household!

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