The Apprentices Act 1961 provides tremendous opportunities for generation of technically competent and skilled work force through training for managing the Industrial Challenges.   Apprentices Act, 1961 

What is perhaps lacking is an awareness on the part of people and industries about whole best the scheme could be utilized for the benefit of organization, individual Apprentice and the Society. The act is always looked at as a law for which the Industry’s tendency is to meet the obligations somehow, and the Govt. approach is to see that the formalities under the act are completed. This attitude is not only preventing Industries from deriving adequate benefits but also harming the Apprentices by their improper development.   Metalliferous Mines Safety Week

There are generally two sources from which Trade Apprentices are selected. One is fro ITI’s and the other from High Schools. It is always advantageous for a medium / big Industry to take fresher boys and develop them as per the Industry’s requirement. Of course one has to take care of the overall development of course one has to take care of the over all development of apprentices so that they not only pass in the all India Trade Test but also get absorbed in other Industries if required.

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Status of supervisory training


First line supervisors are the shopfloor representatives of the management. The management objectives and business goals are implemented through the first line supervisors. They are the real link between the management and the workers (staff) employed to do the actual jobs. A supervisory function on the shopfloor envisages transformation of the objective of the actual work. First line supervisors will have to conceive the objectives into task and in this connection he is required to have absolute proficiency of the technological and functional skills. The task so received by the first line supervisors are divided into a set of activities an such activities are related to different subordinate functions. The subordinate (i.e the workers) working with first line supervisor should accomplish the job neatly as pre the per-decided standards and targets. A supervisor is to basically exercise his direction and control to see that the competency to accept
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