Mining software market in India

Mining software market in India

The concept of using computers for exploration, geological modeling and mine planning began in India towards later part of 80s.
The evolution of computer softwares related to the mining industries started towards the late 70's across the world with the need clearly apparent for the operative gold mines. The sustenance of the gold mines depended on accurate prediction of the nature of the deposit along with the grade estimation. This was crucial to avoid any wasteful mining leading to barren faces. Many of the mining softwares were initiated by the existing mining companies and many were off-loaded to universities for development as a project. 

The concept of using computers for exploration, geological modeling and mine planning started in India towards the later half of the 80s. Mining Companies started realising the need for such software for a more accurate and faster prediction of the deposit. These companies also realised that with such softwares, it was possible to estimate reserves as well as grades with variable cutoffs much faster and accurately as compared to manual methods. Thus the race to capture the Indian Mining Market had started with international brands like SURPAC, DATAMINE making their presence felt by appointing distributors for India. Not to be left behind were the indigenous software from CMC and later by RAMCO. Every software vendor claimed their software to be the best and the competition was fierce. Though these softwares were originally designed to cater to a specific segment of the mining industry, but were project as a complete solution for the mining industry in India. With colourful demos and high commitments, the vendors sold their software to the Indian mining houses only to later5 realise that a purchase order is not the end of that client. There is something more important after the selling has been made and that is making the software do what it had been promised to do. This is what changed the position of the existing softwares in terms of market share and dependability. Customers were becoming more matured and demanded that benchmarks be performed on their own data and they would judge which software will suite their organisation. Customers were ready to pay a premium for a particular software that they had seen and tested would do the job. Thus software which had the largest user base within India or abroad were not necessarily the best. 

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