Blasting to Improve Fragmentation in Mines

Programmable Blasting Machine

 Mechanized Open Cast Mine and Under Ground Mines

highly sophisticated  Programmable timing” Machine meets the special requirements of bench blasting operations where millisecond timing between decks, rows and burden is critical. Advantages are:

1.      Permits initiating larger blasts while meeting stringent regulations

2.      Takes full advantage of greater accuracy of new electric detonators to achieve desired frequencies and fragmentation.

3.      Helps control vibration and noise

4.      Choice of any MS interval from 1 MS to 999 MS in 1 MS increments.

5.      Solid state circuitrity assures excellent reliability and service life. Operates on quick change standard alkaline D Cell Batteries

6.      Reliable. Won’nt fire or discharge until fully charged to design voltage.

7.      Safety interlock renders machine inactive unless charge and fire switch buttons are both depressed

8.      Sturdy space age construction with staniless steel case for


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Practical considerations of Blasting in open cast Mines. 

A large measure of success is daily being achieved by applying to blasting problems empirical formulae which, experience has shown, can be used reliable guides at the commencement of an operation. The great variety of rock conditions encountered in the filed do of course influence the calculations and yet a suppressing amount of success is achieved by an understanding of the type of rock to be blasted and judicious application of proven formulae.
An interesting aspect in this regard is given by Charles H. Grant’ in his paper titled ‘Blasting – an art or a science?. Explosives today vary in strength and distribution between shock and gas effect. The cost of chemical explosives energy mechanical rock breakers, such as ball mills, crushers, etc has gone up.

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