Swarnrekha River. Ghatsila, Jharkhand, INDIA, PIN: 832303

The name Subarnarekha derives from two Sanskrit/Bengali words: Subarna meaning "gold" and Rekha meaning "line" or "streak"; their combination has given this river its name Subarnarekha or "golden line". In Hindi, the name of the river is "Swarnarekha" with the same meaning as in Subranarekha. The legend is that some gold was being found in the river's bed near its origination point near Piska, a small village not too far from Ranchi.
Subarnarekha originates 15 kms south of Ranchi on the Chhotanagpur plateau draining the states of Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal before entering the Bay of Bengal. The total length of the river is 450 kms and its important tributaries include the Raru, Kanchi, Karkari, Kharkai, Garra and Sankh rivers. Pijus Sasmal marks this area. A Lonely Man In His Home State Kerala India. A Traveler, A Photo Grapher, and A Publisher Swarnrekha River. Ghatsila, Jharkhand, INDIA, PIN: 832303 Beautiful Coastal Kerala, Backwaters and My Home TownAllepey to TATA Nagar Junction


Sarpam Thullal is a spectacular ritual dance performance done to appease the snake gods in Kerala.  
Kerala temples, India. Kerala is a land of temples. The history of Kerala dates back to the Cheras of the third century BC. The temples of Kerala are referenced in the works of the Tamil Alwar Saints and the Nayanmar Saints. Ayappa Pooja at Malanjkhand.  Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) city, 2010Adivasi Mela, at Kanakakunnu Palace THIRUVANANTHAPURAM

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