D20 Final Fantasy XI Races

When you run everywhere, and get nowhere 

    This is my attempt at codifying the races of Vana'Diel into D20. These are I'm sure not perfect; I am not the most brilliant person in the world. I don't own these in any way, shape, or form, feel free to change them as you will.

    While any race in-game can start from any city, the standard home towns are as follows:

  • Windurst: Taru-Taru and Mithra
  • Bastok: Hume and Galka
  • San d'Oria: Elvaan

Of the other cities, normally not starting towns, Jeuno is very 'cosmopolitan' in it's makeup, though led by Humes. Norg, also a very well integrated town, is a place of bandits, pirates, and outcasts. Kazham is the original city of the Mithra, and still the home of those who did not choose to fight in the great war. Rabao is little more that a watering hole in the Altepian desert. Selbina and Muhara are both port towns, formerly of great importance to the trade between Windurst and Bastok/San d'Oria, though eclipsed in recent years by Jeuno and it's airships. Tavnazian Safehold is a refuge for survivors of the great war 20 years ago on the Tavnazian Archipelago. Aside from Kazham, none of these cities is really dominated by any one race.

While the D20 alignment system doesn't neccesarily fit the conflicts in Vana'Diel, I felt that this would be a rough approximation of the 'racial' alignments:

  • Elvaan: Lawful  (Neutral or Good)
  • Galka: Neutral (Good, True, or Evil)
  • Hume: Any, most often Chaotic Good from Bastok, or Lawful Good from Jeuno
  • Mithra: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral from Kazham)
  • Taru-Taru: Lawful (Any)

Hume's display the widest range of normal alignments; being the human analog, this is to be expected. Taru and Galka both offer Evil as a morallity; this is due to their embracing of dark forces (Black Mages, Summoners, and Dark Knights) in their pursuits. The other races are generally good as that is kind of the theme of Final Fantasy; Good races of light vs. Evil races of darkness.

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