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The Drill House

"We’ve come a long ways recently, and much thanks needs to go to two individuals in particular, Paul Lahto, Calumet Township Supervisor, who has done much to make the Drill House suitable for occupation and for the concrete surface, and our own Steve Woodworth for his never ending efforts to adapt the Drill House for use as a curling facility, and to make it comfortable. If you happen to see either of these people, remember to thank them for all they’ve done." -- Gordon Maclean, President, Copper Country Curling Club
The Drill House in autumn
The Copper Country Curling Club (CCCC) is proud to say that it has completed a major Historical Building Renovation for its new curling facility. In cooperation with the Keweenaw Historical National Park and Calumet Township, the CCCC converted the former Calumet and Hecla Mining Company’s Drill Shop into a permanent curling facility. The project represents the combined efforts of the Copper Country Curling Club, Calumet Township, and the National Park Service - Keweenaw National Historical Park. 
The Calumet and Hecla Mining Company built the Drill Shop around 1885 in order to manufacture and maintain the drills used in their local copper mines. Keweenaw National Historical Park (KNHP) is interested in preserving and restoring the Drill Shop for its historical value. The KNHP considers curling to be an ideal use for the Drill Shop because it does not require significant modifications that would change the historic structure internally or externally.
A view of Calumet from 1916. The Drill House is located on the
left-hand side of the picture, in front of the tallest smokestack. Courtesy of http://www.pasty.com/reflections 
A glimpse inside the Drill House when it was operated by Calumet and Hecla in the early twentieth century.
Calumet Township officials find curling to be a highly compatible use for the Drill Shop. The building is located just a few hundred feet from Calumet High School and is also close to other winter sport activity centers. There is potential for both a high school physical education and weekend youth curling program.
For the CCCC, the Drill Shop provides the opportunity for a distinctive home to base the growth of Curling in the Copper Country. The current configuration offers room for 2 sheets of ice, locker rooms, concession, social area, raised viewing, storage and physical plant. A portion of the building is currently reserved for future expansion. A second wing with two more ice sheets can easily be added.

The interior of the Drill House today