The Tyners of Coppeen West

Griffiths Valuation for Coppeen West

  • Just to the east of Coppeen village, south of the Bantry line, is a farm which is today owned by the O’Driscoll family. 
  • However, from the very early 1800 (or even earlier) up until 1939, it was the home of successive generations of the Tyner family.
  • Richard and Grace Tyner reared a large family there, some born between 1815 and 1829. Between those years the baptisms of six of their children are recorded in the Kinneigh parish register. John was born 1815, Frances in 1818, Susan in 1821, William in 1824,  Jonas in 1827 and Thomas in 1829.
  • In Griffiths Valuation report of 1852, the tenancy of the 143 acre farm is shown to be shared between Michael and Richard Tyner, who were probably brothers. Michael had the major portion of the farm, and the higher value house.
  • Michael and Elizabeth Tiner had two of their children baptised in Kinneigh church in the early 1830s - Benjamin in January 1830 and Frances in 1832. Frances married John Kingston of Bealad in 1857 but sadly died, probably in childbirth, at the young age of 32 in 1865.
  • Jonas Tyner in 1857 left Coppeen and Ireland for a life in America. Another Tyner, James, possibly his brother, travelled with him. The story of Jonas’s life in Iowa is told below.
  • Jonas's brother, William inherited the family farm in the 1850s from his father Richard.  William married Mary Anne Wolfe in Caheragh church in November, 1856. She was the 18 year old daughter of Joseph Wolfe.  Between then and the 1880s, they raised a large family there. Grace Tyner, probably William’s mother, died aged 98 in 1874.
  • William died in 1888 and Mary Anne continued to run the farm, assisted by two of her younger sons, Jonas and Thomas. The 1901 census had just Mary Anne, son Jonas, 26 and daughter Susie A. Tyner, 24, resident at the Coppeen farm.
  • Little is known of what happened to the older children of the family. William and Mary Anne Tyner’s daughter, Fanny, emigrated to America in 1896, heading to Sheandoah, Iowa, where a number of Tyners from Ireland had already settled.
  • The 1911 census shows the family of that time at Coppeen consisting of Mary, her two sons Jonas and Thomas, and a widowed 93 year old Frances Wolfe, described as a lodger.
  • Jonas married in 1913 and had one daughter.
  • Mary Anne Tyner died at Coppeen, aged 76, in 1915. Frances Wolfe died in Q2 1911, aged 94. When Jonas Tyner died in 1939, the Tyner farm was sold and the last of the family left Coppeen. His widow died in Kinsale district in 1947.

  • Robert Tyner inherited the other part of the 143 acre holding at Coppeen West. He and his wife Sarah raised a large family, born between 1879 and the 1890s. Some time in the 1890s they moved to Ballydonaghy, Leighmoney, where they are found in the 1901 census. By 1911, they had moved again, to Knockduff, Kinsale Rural, leaving their son Michael at the Ballydonaghy farm.
  •  The 1901 census House and Buildings return for Coppeen West also shows that the landlord of a number of the cottage tenants of the townland was Robert Tyner of Ballydonaghy, Leighmoney (Kinsale district). Robert Tyner of Ballydonaghy was a 56 year old farmer in 1901 (but aged 72 in 1911). This means he is most likely to have been a son of Michael Tyner, who held land at Coppeen West in 1852. However, his baptism does not appear in the Kinneigh register. It seems the farm at Coppeen West continued to be held in two parts into the 20th century, with part of it run by the Leighmoney family. Robert's son Michael lived at Coppeen for a time in the early 1900s and two of his children were baptised in Kinneigh in 1907 and 1908. By 1911, Michael and his family had left Coppeen and were living at Ballydonaghy.
  • The census returns show that another Tyner from around Coppeen had also moved to the Kinsale area before 1901. Benjamin Tyner and family were farmers in the townland of Knocksmail. Benjamin had 5 children, just two of whom were still living in 1911, both single and living with their parents. Benjamin, aged 70 in 1901, is undoubtedly the son of Michael and ELizabeth Tiner of Coppeen (Kinneigh baptism records of 1830).
  • In 1901, John Dennehy, dairyman and farmer, lived in the class 1 dwelling house at Coppeen West owned by Robert Tyner. This was the farmhouse that Robert’s father, Michael, occupied in 1852. It is not apparent from the 1911 census return who lived in the Michael Tyner owned farmhouse.   
  • Michael Tyner is listed as a Coppeen West landholder in Guy’s directory of 1913, just as his father Robert had been in 1907. Guy’s directory of 1921 no longer lists Michael as a land holder in Coppeen West.
  •  Jonas Tyner, son of William and Mary Anne, married Jane Anne Robinson in 1913 and continued farming at Coppeen in the 1920s and 1930s. They had a daughter, Susan Anne, born 1914.
  •  Jonas died in 1939. After that, the farm was sold and the last of the Tyners left Kinneigh. His widow, Jane, died aged 74 in Kinsale district in 1947. Jonas Tyner is said to be buried in the old graveyard at Castleventry.