This website was created for Patumwan Demonstration School's Matayom 5 (Grade 11) science project, by Supitha Narawong, Sek Sangratkanjanasin, and Adibha Rinchokechai. The advisory teacher was Mr Adam Bodley-Tickell.  The aim was to investigate the epidemiology of Ebola and MERS viruses, and to investigate the level of knowledge around these viruses among the general population of Bangkok.


            Our group saw the effects of disease outbreaks or epidemics that were happening in the world around us, and decided we would like to study and research about the biology and epidemiology of Ebola from Africa and MERS from Asia.

            The objective was to focus on basic information about the diseases and how can we share some general knowledge about them. This was not only a high school science project, but also looked at sociology and anthropology through the vision of people living in Bangkok.




Research Question

What is the level of general knowledge around epidemic preparedness among people living in Bangkok?

            We planned to collect this information by using a  questionnaire, with a total sample size of 500 people. There were two sampling groups: people inside Patumwan Demonstration School, including teachers and students, and members of the general public. We chose to do sampling by the random sampling method, where people are a randomly selected sample without any conditions or rules, because we believed that this method would provide accurate data for analysis.  


            Our group felt that  a serious disease outbreak that occurred in Bangkok would be more severe due to insufficient knowledge among the population and a lack of accessible basic information about disease epidemiology, and how people can protect themselves. Obviously this is not a hypothesis that we can safely test!