Welcome to Copenhagen Shotokan Karate (CSK)!

We are a non-profit karate club in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our mission is to provide quality traditional karate instruction to men, women and children regardless of their experience and physical abilities. We believe Shotokan to be a life-long pursuit that provides mental and physical wellness resulting in confidence, strength and endurance.

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Club News
December 2015:
BIG CHANGES! Our instructors are moving and we are looking for a new instructor in traditional karate. We have dedicated high-ranking students, but we need an instructor to lead them! If you are interested, contact us!

Because of the changes, we have closed down the children's group. We may reopen it, if we find a suitable instructor.

January 2015
We are at capacity in our children's class and are not accepting new members until September!
Adults are still welcome to join and we may make exceptions for children with prior experience in karate.

6th - 8th September 2013: Sensei Lubo and Rachelle attended the Guardians of Fudokan meeting and seminar with Senseis Ilija and Vladimir Jorga in Serbia.

Aug. 2013: We are back in the dojo starting August 14th. New schedule posted on the Practices page. Looking forward to training with everyone again!

July 2013:
Osramhuset is closed this month. Please contact Sensei Lubo for the time and place where we will train.

30 June 2013:
Osramhuset's Summer Market and Celebration - CSK had a table with information and visuals and club members wore our new tee-shirts (get yours here: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/copenhagen_shotokan_karate_t_shirts-235356771441494932)

1 June 2013: Sensei Lubo had a great trip to Helsingborg, Sweden to promote many enthusiastic students! They celebrated with an end of the year BBQ!

23rd Apr. 2013
: Students training for >30 practices were all allowed to take their belt exam and were all           successful! Congratulations to Simona, Eli, Milena, Jonnas and Sylvia and a huge thanks to Dragisa            Tosovic for being our guest examiner!

9th Mar. 2013:
Sensei Lubo gave a seminar in Helsingborg, Sweden

Feb. 2013
: All paid members (or supporting members) can now get their complementary season pass for two to High Chaparral! A big thanks to our sponsor (http://www.highchaparral.se/en/start/)!

2nd Feb. 2013: Sensei Rachelle had a great trip to Helsingborg, Sweden to our sister dojo (http://fudokankarate.se/) to promote 24 enthusiastic students!  Check out the pictures on their Facebook page! Facebook photos

Jan. 2013: Congratulations to Sensei Rachelle who tested successfully for her ni-dan (2nd black belt) with the Chief Instructor of Fudokan, Sensei Ilija Jorga.

Jan. 2013
: Sensei Rachelle and Sensei Lubo will train with Sensei Ilija Jorga at a Fudokan Shotokan seminar in Berlin

Dec. 2012: Sensei Lubo tested successfully for his san-dan (3rd black belt) with Sensei Vojo Kraljevich.

Nov. 2012: Congratulations to Sylvia and Jonas on their strong test and receiving their yellow belts!
Special thanks to our guest examiner Dragisa Tosovic for coming all the way from Helsingborg, Sweden.