COMM 240: Intro to Journalism

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Added Dec. 16: Final Exam Grading Criteria

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Added Nov. 29, 2011: Final Exam

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Course Description: Introduction to Journalism is designed to acquaint students with news decision making, newsroom operations, reporting, writing, editing and Associated Press style guidelines. The course is laboratory‐based and has substantial reporting, writing and editing assignments.

I design my classes to acquaint students with the basics of journalism as a profession and as a source of information about their community and their world. In addition to regular class lectures and discussions on journalism and current news events, we will set the classroom up to operate as a newsroom for an online publication we will be reporting, writing, editing and publishing this semester (more details will be given in class).

Getting Started

You will want to get familiar with the following Web sites, which we will be using throughout the semester:

  • Main News Feed: As explained in the syllabus, I expect you to keep track of the news. This site has an RSS feed of major news sites. Get in the habit of checking this site daily.
  • College News and Blogs: Check this site on a regular basis to find story ideas for the news site we will be producing.
  • My Shared Items: I'll put links to articles I find interesting or articles that may be the basis for a good story idea on this page.
  • Google Docs: All work will be submitted through Google Docs. This will make it easy for us to edit one another's work and post it to our online news site. I will also upload and post important class documents and notes in Google Docs. If you don't have one already, please set up an account ASAP (if you use gmail you already have an Google Docs account -- just send me your contact info). Please contact me if you have trouble with this.
  • Twitter: Social media is becoming an important part of journalism, so we will be exploring its use through Twitter. Please sign up for a Twitter account (it takes less than five minutes), begin following me (@bloodandvolume) and other Twitter users who interest you and get comfortable with the platform.
Other Important Sites and Documents