“Knowing that your professor isn’t just reading things out of a book and spewing them back to you is reassuring…Your real life examples are more relatable than any book could be.”

- Kat Kelliher
BSU Communications Studies Major
Investigative Reporting, Spring 2011

While I consider myself a "writer who teaches" (as opposed to a "teacher who writes") I love being in the classroom and helping students meet their education goals. Since January 2007 I have worked as a writing and journalism instructor at colleges in Massachusetts, including a one-year, full-time appointment to teach journalism in the Communications Studies Department at Bridgewater State University (2010-11). I set my classrooms up to treat my students as working writers and journalists, whether it is a required, freshman writing and composition course or an advanced class on Investigative Reporting.

I also teach a wide range of courses on social media and digital culture in an effort to show students how the Web is changing the world and to better prepare them for careers - including careers like journalism, which have been dramatically changed by the Web's innovative disruption.

To learn more about my work and career, please visit my personal Website.
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