Copake Conservation Resources Committee

Copake Conservation Resources Committee

Facing continued growth and the threat of loss of some of the qualities that make our rural community so attractive to residents, farmers and businesses, the Town of Copake is creating a conservation resources plan for action. Creating a conservation plan that represents the values of the community will help Copake be competitive in vying for the county, state, and federal programs for open space and farmland protection funding, as well as help focus efforts on what are priority open space resources. 

The Copake Conservation Resources Committee, a seven-person advisory committee appointed by the Copake Town Board, is charged with helping to identify and inventory open spaces and natural resources, focusing on those areas that are threatened,or require preservation or protection, such as scenic views, valuable ecological areas, and areas of special cultural or historical interest. The committee will inventory Copake’s natural and cultural resources, establish appropriate conservation proposals and develop a course of action to implement the plan.  With extensive input from the public through meetings and workshops, the Copake Conservation Resource Committee will focus this summer on a visioning process, identifying what preservation of open space, natural and historical resources means to the community and what resources are important conservation priorities.
The community is invited to participate, provide input and get involved in the planning process at meetings, by responding to a community survey, and by submitting ideas and comments in writing throughout the planning process.
Later steps in the planning process will involve refining priority conservation areas for the community, developing plan concepts, preparing an open space plan map, and identifying specific conservation tools and strategies for Copake, developing recommendations and a set of comprehensive actions.

Our committee:

  • Stuart Carduner (chair)
  • Kathleen Avery
  • Bevin Harrington
  • Bill Newcomb
  • Iris Sachs

We have two openings and would welcome your participation. If you'd like to join our committee please write a letter the the Town Clerk, Town Hall, 230 Mountain Vew Rd. Copake, NY 12516