Depressed? In Pain? Try Reiki - a gentle energy based therapy. 

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy therapy and spiritual practice developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The energy used is a form of universal healing energy that is brought in by the Reiki practitioner and channeled out through the palms. It often feels like heat to the person being healed. A practitioner must have gone through the Reiki attunements to be able to channel the healing energy. My lineage is traditional Usui Reiki. Over the years I have have gone through the various attunements and have received the Master attunement.

 Therapists can focus on:
  • Physical ailments of all sorts, promoting healing and relaxation.
  • Emotional conditions, promoting stress reduction, and helping emotional imbalances.
  • Mental conditions, such as confusion, negative thinking, and many others.
  • Spiritual conditions, such as loss of meaning in life.
A typical treatment consists of a whole body treatment, front and back, with an additional emphasis on specific problem areas and usually takes about an hour. This consists of both a gentle "laying on" of hands, and treatment above the body. Persons being treated often experience the energy as warmth, like gentle sunshine. It often leaves you with an overall feeling of happiness.
    Please call and leave a message if you would like to make an appointment. My current rate is $45.00 for an hour of Reiki. Allow for an extra fifteen minutes for the first visit. 541-267-4439