And the writer is...
Last week we reviewed Attack! the Prompt and students were introduced to an organization method called 4 square. We practiced, and practiced, and practiced. Monday, students were given a prompt to show what they know (and finish for homework). 

Tuesday-Thursday this week, students will be working on an in class Writing Checkpoint. The first part, Attack! the Prompt, through the four square will be graded as a paper grade (40%). The paper itself will be on the second nine weeks grades. 

Friday we will go over roots and affixes. Next week, we review for the exam and then the first nine weeks is over!
The end of the first nine weeks is quickly approaching! 

The October Flyer went out Tuesday. Orders will be due the last week of October for anyone interested.  
I take cash or check. IF you would like to use a card, please order online at   For online orders, our class code is MJM4V. Thanks for helping us out! 

As always, please email me if you have any questions: .
4 square practice with a prompt
Homework: Finish the 4 Square

Writing Checkpoint

Writing Checkpoint

Writing Checkpoint

Root and affixes