Raising the bar

[Note: This is all a bit jumbled because we've been trying several different ways to say basically the same thing.  There's a shorter 'employee's handbook' over here. .

Awesome Incorporated, Employee/Citizen/Owner's Manual

and a bit of a prettier summary with the Doctor's Way wrapped in the middle here

That wraps around the Doctor Who story/future demonstrating literary trick as well.]

So. . .

This isn't really a big, fancy idea. 

It started small, as an idea for a tiny little company that would be efficient enough to take care of a small number of people who needed a little help, protect them from the outside world, and let them contribute in whatever way they could.

If you wonder why it seems to be so very different from similar ideas out there, maybe that's why, it started small.

It just scaled, that's all.  

Like a lot of things, it gets better as it scales, especially economically.  That's probably why they call it 'economy of scale'.  Like a lot of things, it also runs into a few limitations, too.

When it's a good cause, you get creative and start looking for solutions.  At every step, there are far, far more solutions than there are problems.  It gets easier as you get closer to the end, because you start seeing where you can go.  You can't see very far, because people are too interesting to really be that predictable, but you can see something better up ahead.  Just a vision, really. . . at first it seems like it's almost a mirage. Almost.

Eventually, something clicks.  You start realizing that the sort of person who could ruin it is vastly outnumbered by the sort of person who could make it work . . . it may not be because the idea's really good, it may just be because the bar's set terribly low right now.

Things aren't exactly awesome right now, are they?  The future looks pretty bleak, the news is dismal, and awful people have all the power.

Let's try something new, and give putting somebody else in charge a chance.

This is a simple idea, it's only complicated because there's a whole lot to unlearn along the way.  It's time for this idea to get some leaders, some artists, and some people who can leverage the weaknesses of the few of us working on this.  

And yes, it's clever, there's NOTHING like this out there that we can find.  It uses the best parts of everything everybody hates, and exploits them to give us our lives back.  We are humble and were hoping just to expose the framework where all the other visions can live.

The key is the approach.  You don't just throw down a bunch of pretty threads and hope to end up with a tapestry, do you?  If you want something coherent you need an idea where you want to go, THEN you do a much better job.  We've known that for . . at least a few months, perhaps even centuries.   Think of problems, solutions, and methods as the threads, and the vision as the tapestry.

There is no arrogance here.  There is the simple knowledge that we can do better and the willingness to use every tool at our disposal to get there.  We bring up 'evidence based' and 'putting the scientific method on top' often because all of us make mistakes, and that's how we get better, right?  This is, however, a big step up, and most of us want that, right?   Just remember, nothing in here is sacred, it's all about getting where we want to be with what we have. 

And so, without further gilding the lily and no further ado . . . let's get into how it's done, shall we?

  • If you want something to dream for, check out The Doctor's Way . . . it's just a tiny slice of the vision, but you get to hear a bit about how it got done.
  • If you've got the big vision and understand that we're not playing by their rules anymore, but you want something simple to start with, we've got a basic scenario in Valve to Awesome (with more to come)
  • If you're wondering how we deal with all these LAWS and RULES, we've got a few more little gems and you get to meet one sort of person who exploits rules for FUN.  They can help us Min/Max the world.  Just imagine squads of powergamers working with intrinsically motivated attorneys for the best reason of all!
  • If you're looking for a bit more detail or have questions that still need answering, hit the references, we've even got an older more detailed intro over there.
  • Lastly, despite it being a bit specific we're throwing in something new.  A sort of character planner for life. . with a quarterly point-buy system

From another angle, you can start with Valve Mondragon Being effective + Admitting who we are 

Next, decide that it's not okay to be living in this mad word, people shouldn't be murdering other people all the time, they shouldn't even think it's okay to impose their will on somebody they don't respect. 

After that,  realize every Nation and Corporation is just a legal construct. + these have loopholes + and we know the best people to pair with intrinsically motivated attorneys to exploit them.

We should at least try to give everybody a chance at that, right?  We're not ABLE to game the system, we're morally obligated to.

The fact that this hasn't happened already is a tragedy.

So, we need help.  We need visionaries and artists and people to help get this out there in ways people can understand.

We also need some help with media, we could have several starting points out there all leading to the same landing area. For example 'The Doctor's Way' could be refined, storyboarded, spoken, animated, and very much more, there are a lot of Whovians out there, and some can help and others can help spread the word. The same could go from any angle, and we definitely need more of those.  Similarly, a strong 'from a charity' angle and some help with an optional point-buy-for-life system (partly to get a bunch of good work and 'fun' options out there) would be hugely appreciated.

If you don't get it yet, tell us what you don't understand!  We left a lot out because we kept hearing TL;DR, don't assume we haven't covered FAR More bases than should have been necessary to get this rolling.  Even better if you come in with solutions, but at least let's figure out what the problems are.

Contact info:  William Holz