Welcome to Life in the Fast Lane...Science of MHS Hornets!

Life in the Fast Lane...The Science of MHS Hornets! 
Starting Blocks at Vacant Starting Line Before Event.

08/05/2003. Image by tableatny  Retrieved from Flickr. Under a Creative Commons license. 

How can the laws and equations of Physics be applied to a runner on the track? or football player running down the field? or a hockey player skating & passing the puck?
In this project, students will study

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kinematics (the what & how of motion) while analyzing the motion of MHS Hornet athletes, and then explain the motion in a series of videos entitled "The Science of MHS Hornets".
Students will explain the motion with graphs (made with Google Sheets or Excel) and equations. Students will ultimately explain kinematics through the lens of a student athlete (and make suggestions as to how to improve the times by applying kinematic analysis to the motion.)