Coombs Bluegrass 2011 PERFORMERS

 * Mark Phillips & 3rd Generation  *Special Consensus* Highrise Lonesome *
*CornerGrass * Riverside Bluegrass Band  *The Sweet Lowdown * Bluegrass Fever
*Branch 11, Coombs Old Time Fiddlers * Top Secret Bluegrass Band * Backporch Banjo

 Here's a  great band new to Coombs.
  Awesome traditional bluegrass,
straight from the heart of bluegrass

      This band just celebrated their 35th year
      as a band, a feat in itself.  Check out the       
      hot pickin here, Welcome to Coombs, folks.

Riverside Bluegrass Band,  Victoria, B. C.
A brand new band with lots of old friends in it.
Another band full of hot licks and great tunes, Welcome, boys

      Not much of a secret anymore, since we 
      discovered this awesome family band, from

Bluegrass Fever
based on Vancouver Island and playing traditional, modern and original bluegrass music.
Expect to hear some wonderful instrumentals combined with great vocals.

High Rise Lonesome, Vancouver,
  Get ready folks for this new band.
What a wonderful group of musicians,
Straight traditional with 4 part harmonies,
      or slightly on the edge, with a brand new
CD, as well

Corner Grass, Sidney,  B. C.
Back again,  is the full sound of Corner Grass.
Very tight vocal harmonies, mixed with some great pickins, plus some original tunes, and lots of good humour

the Sweet Lowdown, Victoria, B. C.
Wonderful  sound, Let's make these sweeties
welcome at Coombs

Branch 11, Old Time Fiddlers, Coombs, B. C.
  No armchair time for these  fiddlers, as they
       are out playing in public at least 140 times
 per year.   That's a lot of playing!

Back Porch Banjo
Bluegrass with an old time sound,
We play on or off the porch, or in the woods.