Web Tools

Below are fun and free web tools that you can use with your students in any classroom.  These tools are helpful for students to apply their knowledge of content materials to showcase their learning.

Poster Web Tools:
Tackk - Here you can create simple posters with information, videos, images, etc.  Click here for a student example.
Smore - This is a free resource, but you do need to sign up.  It is really easy to use to showcase information, images, videos, etc.  Click here for a student example.
Make Beliefs Comix - Students can create comic strips to show what they know about a topic, concept, event, and so much more.
Easelly - Create easy posters, flowcharts, and flyers using this web tool.

Interactive Web Tools:
Thinglink - Students can create interactive pictures that share information and additional websites of information to discuss and expand on a topic to teach others.  Click here for a student example.
Dipity - Create an interactive timeline that shows events in order of when they happen.
Thinkport - A variety of topics are offered for students to gather information about.  Some are simply informational and other more interactive.

Information Sharing Web Tools:
Simplebooklet - Students can create booklets of their own and include multimedia to enhance a story, create a book report, or show story elements with a variety of tools. 
Stupeflix - This tool is a video making web tool that students can use to show short videos about a variety of topics.  The web tools has a variety of themes, music, and tools that students can select from to personalize their video.  Click here for a student example.
GoAnimate - Using virtual characters and settings, students can make short, 30 second clips.  The clips can cover a variety of topics and settings that is fun and easy to personalize.
Prezi - Create fun and student friendly presentations for lessons, speeches, and a wide variety of other purposes.  Click here for a student example.
PowToon - Students can create fun comic like presentations to explain topics or concepts they are learning.
Flockdraw - An online whiteboard that allows students to paint and draw along with other students in real time.  You could use this as a fun vocabulary challenge or concept review activity.
Chogger - Another comic like maker web tool that students can use to explain a topic in short frames.
Popplet - Students can create flowcharts to explain concepts using this web tool.  There are many ways to share what students create.
StoryJumper - Let student written creativity come alive with using StoryJumper.  Students can make their own story books and have them published to share with the world.

Communication Web Tools:
Padlet - Create an interactive wall of communication where students participate by answering questions, posting facts, or simply brainstorming ideas.
Kidblog - Teachers can create class groups that can post blog responses to posted questions.  This website also allows for personalized blog pages for classes and can have limited viewing abilities so teachers can work with students on how to blog properly in the technology world.  Click here for an example blog board that you could create for your class.
Class Dojo - This tool is a fun way to give kids feedback on their daily behaviors, attitudes, and work.  Students create their own avatars and can check how they are doing in class, both positively and negatively.
TodaysMeet - Students can contribute to a discussion board with a given topic.
Penzu - This web tool allows students to write in an online journal or diary for class.  This can be used for daily prompts, book summaries, concept reflection, and much more.
BitStrips - Students can create fun avatars and communicate with their teachers and friends.