SageTV - Xbox Media Center Script

by Coolwave

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Little update as requested (10/3/06):

This is just a small update that includes a couple changed lines of code that will hopefully make the script work in version 2.8 of the webserver. No new features, but at least it would allow you to upgrade to the new version of the webserver. Thank you to tcarlus and jhh from the SageTV forums for tinkering with the code. I'll be watching the forums to see how this works for everyone. As always, let me know if there's any new tricks you can make the script do!

The original zip file is still required as this is only the python file to replace The zip file is still for version 2.6 of the webserver.


Features (Last updated 3/23/06):

  • List Recorded TV
  • List Movies
  • List Schedule
  • Search Title
  • Search by Keyword
  • Watch recorded and recording shows
  • Set/Cancel manual recordings w/ settings
  • List Other Showings of selected show
  • Set/Clear Watched
  • Record/Cancel Series w/ settings
  • Display info of selected item below listed items
  • Sort by Date, Title and remember last selected
  • The option of selecting your own skin folder
  • Don't Like buttons w/ the ability to not display them if you don't use them
  • Closest thing to a guide so far: List channels on the left and display upcoming shows on the right when a channel is selected
  • Set show as watched if playback reaches certain point
  • Filters in Recorded TV for Unwatched and Movies
  • Auto Refresh and Manual Refresh available in settings.xml
  • Support for all resolutions in XBMC


1. First you must install and setup nielm's webserver before this script will work. I personally have only tested version 2.6 and I know that 2.7 does not work properly. I do plan on adding support for 2.7 and taking advantage of the xml features that were added, but it could be a while before I get a chance to work on it.

2. Edit settings.xml to change any settings. The script will prompt you for connection settings if you do not change any settings and it will work, but there are some features that will be missing if you don't change certain settings. In order to get the total time to display in XBMC during playback you must set RecordingPath and XBMCPath.

RecordingPath is the location or locations SageTV uses to record to with multiple directories separated by commas. UNC paths work fine, and if you are unsure of what this setting should be, go to Detailed Info of a recording on the webserver and copy what comes before the mpg file where it says Files:.

ex. RecordingPath="D:\SageTV\,E:\SageTV\"

XBMCPath is the network path or paths XBMC would use to connect to your SageTV server just like how it would be defined in the XboxMediaCenter.xml file, again with multiple locations separated by commas. Also they should match up with the RecordingPath directories.

ex. XBMCPath="smb://MyComp//SageTVRec on D/,smb://MyComp//SageTVRec on E"

I don't think the rest of the settings need any explanation.

3. Copy SageTV folder to your scripts folder in XBMC and run

4. Post feedback/questions here.