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PHP DataGrid    

Product PHP DataGrid
Product Version 1.1.2
Source code Available
Documentation Available
PHP version 4.0 and higher
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License Full license
Price 65$ USD

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   PHP DataGrid has been created for selecting data, displaying it as a grid, and perform routine operations on it. This tool is defined for PHP applications and its version 1.x operates data only from MySQL.

  It allows paging through results, editing, deleting and inserting new data. PHP DataGrid can be very helpfull for you to display any complex data from database and to automatically perform any needed operations of them. By enabling or disabling its features you can turn PHP DataGrid into something very helpfull for you.

You know how importat is such a tool for creating web application. Really, data grid is heart of almost every web application. PHP DataGrid enables you to avoid writing "<tr>", "<td>", etc. tags to display your data as a grid. Plus this tool automatically handles and manages post back operations and calls your predefined functions when needed. It also maintains its state throughout post back round trips. This tool saves it's state in hidden variables and sends commands via POST method. This will help you to load modules of your site from query string information.

   DataGrid reads its interface from a template file with the help of Template class and utilizes DB class to access MySQL database. Both of these classess are provided along with the PHP DataGrid.

   DataGrid's column types and its skins are fully customizable. With the puchased product you obtain the following:

  • DataGrid control (open source).
  • Column types: DataGridTextBoxColumn, DataGridComboColumn, DataGridCheckColumn, DataGridCommandColumn, DatagridCalendarColumn (all open source)
  • Skin templates: Default (datagrid.tpl), Simple, Classic. You can define your own skins too.
  • Open source code of all the classess and global functions. They are defined in a single file to make installation as easy as possible. So, to include PHP DataGrid into your project you just need to copy datagrid.php and its skin files to your applications folder and include datagrid.php in your php files.
  • Full documentation of DataGrid class, DB class, Template class and column types. Documentation also includes a lot of samples to help you easily utilize PHP DataGrid
  • A sample which in a few lines of code shows PHP DataGrid's usage.

Take a look at screenshots and documentation or live demo.


What is next?

   PHP DataGrid version 1.1 works only with MySQL. Its code is written in PHP 4.0 and works with greater version of PHP. Currently PHP DataGrid version 2.0 is being developed. Version 2.0 will support MS SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre SQL and arrays. A new DetailsView control is being developed which will allow developers to display and edit data with associated with DataGrid or standalone.