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MENS T-SHIRT : NAVY - MEDIUM - Old Army - Funny Retired Military Veteran
MENS T-SHIRT : NAVY - MEDIUM - Old Army - Funny Retired Military Veteran
Print dimensions approximately 10" x 3-1/2".
S-XXL : GILDAN ULTRA COTTON T-SHIRT : 6.1-ounce, 100% cotton jersey; seamless double needle collar, taped neck and shoulders, double needle sleeve and bottom hem. NOTE: Sports Grey -- 90/10 Cotton/Poly; Ash -- 99/1 Cotton/Poly
3XL-6XL: PORT & COMPANY ESSENTIAL T-SHIRT : Constructed from 6.1-ounce heavyweight 100% cotton, it is taped from shoulder to shoulder, has a coverseamed neck and is double needle hemmed for insured durability. NOTE: 6XL T-shirts are side seamed. Sports Grey -- 90/10 Cotton/Poly; Ash -- 99/1 Cotton/Poly
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Freedom......It Comes At A Cost
Freedom......It Comes At A Cost
When I joined the US Marine corps and was stationed in southern California, I had best of both worlds…..Ocean and Mountains. I would often spend days or nights sleeping in the unique little Cliffside coves such as Laguna Beach. I loved the smell of the sea air, the surf rolling in, seals scampering about the gorgeous kelp beds. After I left basic training I didn’t live on base, I don’t believe people were meant to live so close to each other……well certainly not me. I think I got along with people for the most part. I had a huge problem with rude, mean, inconsiderate, stupid people and drunks. So as I said, I lived off the military installation, shacking up with people until I could get my footing with my new life as…..a marine. One of the great things about being a marine, we traveled all the time, going to far-off places, often Very remote….. I’m sure it’s very clear to you now, about my life, and living wild through most of it. After being in such wild places, you can tell when you’re in a place that hasn’t had much human visitation, the land speaks to you and the creatures all think of you as one of the them. I often would take off when I could get a three or four day pass, jump on my Harley and hit the road. Usually, my gear was the cloths I had on my back, a bedroll, fishing poll and shotgun was all strapped to the backrest of my Harley. When I think back on it…I really did look like an Outlaw……. But I felt safe being in the marines, my ID card got me out of many jams with the law……not that I was a bad person, its just that , sometimes good people have to do bad things….funny how somethings never change……. I love to fly like a bird and a motorcycle gives you that feeling on the ground….Freedom!!! I would love to take long trips to San Francisco, my favorite city, and the location I met my wife Daniele. The twisting cobblestone hills of the cities uniqueness drew me in instantly; I would sleep at the State Park beach in Half Moon Bay and ride the coast highway up to San Francisco. On one of my adventures I was heading back from the Sequoia National Forest, where I was living wild swimming naked in the rivers to freshen-up, long hikes into an ancient forest, cones from the gigantic trees over 30 centimeters long. Heading back and in heavy traffic on the 22 a young hawk flew in front of a car ahead of me,was struck and tumbled to the ground on the emergency lane,without hesitation I was stopped and blocking the road so the hawk wouldn’t get hit. His right wing was damaged and hanging on the ground. Injured as he was he still had powerful talons and a beak that could do harm I thought to myself as I plotted a way to safely capture him so he didn’t get killed. Pulling off my shirt I draped it over him and scooped him up, a talon caught my finger but it was just a scratch; I rolled him up tightly in my shirt,stuffed him between my legs and road home. At home I could really examine the damage and found the shoulder was very swollen, With no torn flesh or broken bone, I proceeded to fold his wing in a proper position and wrap it in place with gauze and then tape. From the moment we made contact at home the hawk didn’t resist me and I really felt he trusted me to work my magic with him. Tennessee lived free in my home; though he was bound he stayed high on a bookshelf in my living room cage less. He was a young sparrow hawk, whose tail feathers were still growing out when an automobile disrupted his flight. When I would return home the first thing I would do is feed him really lean raw meat, I found that the perforated meat of cubesteak was ideal, then we would play a game a kind of sword play with my finger and his beak, I felt we were communicating in our banter. As time went by I removed his bandage and started rehabilitation by having him perch on my hand as I would raise and lower it causing him to briefly flap his wings. I took it very slowly and in no time Tennessee would fly to my shoulder when I returned home as we routinely made our way to the cooler for meat. Tennessee and I would go to parks and he would takeoff and fly around for a bit only to return to my shoulder, and..... I know this was really bad of me but…….. If there was a lady I was interested in meeting I would throw Tennessee into the air and go toward her and start a conversation, in no time Tennessee would return to my shoulder and ……well you could imagine the affect it had on the unexpected.... and... in my defense… I was in my twenty’s, and had no control of my hormones……Well that’s my story….I sure made a lot of friends; Tennessee and I were a great pair. But….The right thing….was needed to take place…… Tennessee needed to be wild and free and soon, so he would remember how to be wild and free… I drove Tennessee into a deep canyon, in the Chapmen Hills throwing him in the air, he flew to a treetop……. I road away……Crying……I Loved Him So…….
Steven Miller
Steven Miller
Steven Miller grew up in Eastern WA as a typical-all-American-boy. A big kid with a big heart who loved playing soccer. After high school, he was wrapped up with the whole war in Iraq. Against many of his close relatives and friends protest, Steven joined the Army. During his time in Iraq, he found out a lot about the American war interests and its dirty politics. According to Steven, he faked having a mental problem and left the Army before his tour date was over. The military record indicates otherwise- Steven was kicked out with a dishonorable discharge after a suicide attempt. We met probably a year or so after Iraq through a mutual friend of ours. We became very close friends quickly and spent a lot of time running around drinking and fucking around. He was a funny kid. He loved crappy political pop punk bands and would go off on American politics and this sham we all know as the Iraq war. Because of all his anti-war slogan t shirts, a mutual friend of ours joked once, "When Steven does laundry, he does the colors, whites and then the political ones." Steven was a bit obsessive about the war in its literal sense and we have had a few serious conversations about it. My point was that he is back home now and although the war was a big pivotal point in his life, that he should not make it the ONLY thing about his life. He agreed and he would start talking about good things in his life and we would resume partying our days and nights away. Life is funny. He and I are very different. I mean, as close as we were, we were also very different from each other. And as time went on, it wasn't rare to not have heard from him in weeks or months. We always kept in touch though and it was right back to being close friends as if no days have gone past between us. Sometime in August he gave me a call. Steven in his tired voice told me over the phone, "I was in a bicycle accident and had to have a brain surgery." Of course I left for the hospital and visited with him. He looked like shit. But more concerning was his persona. He was a 'bit off,' if that makes any sense. Steven's childhood friend whom I met that evening, happens to work at the hospital and told me that it's normal to act strangely after such a shock to the brain. I thought to myself, 'Well, shit- No kidding. I mean, the fucker just had brain surgery.' The night this photo was taken, he called Jen, his childhood friend and myself, freaking out. He wanted us to meet him at his house right away. Steven was out of his head. His fiance at the time was crying her eyes out. Steven was putting a lot of blame on his fiance for some issues that they could not reconcile. For a while it got worse. She finally decided to move out. She was pregnant and the environment was not healthy for anyone involved. Jen and I saw Steven as often as we can. Steven seemed to be getting much better. So much better that Jen and I let go of the idea about doing an intervention with Steven. The idea was to have our friends and his family together and talk him into having himself committed but seemed unnecessary with his improvement. I spoke to him over the phone on Tuesday about his court date on the following day. Steven was pretty upset that the court thing wasn't looking very good. He also found out that he was deemed 'unemployable' by the State of WA. I asked Steven to call me after his court on Wednesday. As usual, I didn't hear from him on that day or the day after that. But like I said, it wasn't rare for us to be out of touch for weeks sometimes, so I didn't make much of it. Just figured that the court thing must have gone ok. Jen called me Friday to inform me that Steven had committed suicide that evening. We are all in an enormous shock and absolute disbelief.

funny military t shirts