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My new journey

1.10-10-2007-Create blog site. http://coolingstar9.blogspot.com/

2. 14-10-2007-Start writing blog. I know how powerful the internet is, so I need to adapt to the changed world. I can interact with people around the world and share my life experiences. At the same time, I can learn from others, learning is enjoying for me. This is my new journey to this global world.

3. 11-12-2007-Adsense programme was approved. My blog site has some advertisement. This is a new challenge for me , so I have to write more to have more advertisement. In other word, providing better services to readers.

4. 01-01-2007-I was awarded the blogger of the world.

5. 15-02-2008-I am the expert author of Ezine. My author name is william tan seng.

6. 15-02-2008-I was awarded friendship blogger award given by Hye of Spaceofreality.

7. 16-02-2008-Hope that whoever who read my blogs can write some comment. I believe this dream can come true. 

8. 18-02-2008-Thinking of write some good blogs helpful to the society. It should not matter who read it.

9. 26-02-2008-This month, so far I received excellence award, blog with purpose award, 5 star award, friendship award, peace award ( 4 from hye of  spaceofreality and 1 from bluedreamer ), thanks for their sincere encouragement. One more friendship award from nasha .

11. 27-02-2008- My friend asks me: " coolingstar9, How much you earned after advertisement placed on your blog site since 14-12-2007? 

I tell him that I only check it once a month, if the figure up , that means my articles are interesting enough to attract readers to read more related information or advertisement.

If the figure never up, that means I have to improve it further likely due to my articles are not so interesting . I treat it as the measurement of my blogs whether up to standard or not. But I write with no expectation, it is up to---

12. 29-02-2008-Check my blogrush traffic increased.

13. 01-03-2008-More people read my Ezine articles.

14. MARCH-2008-Busy month-Moving house.

      Many people tag me, I am sorry for unable to follow up, please forgive me, bluedreamer, ilovephilipines, jen, faisal, Hye, etavasi, happy, and many.

      For those who requests exchange link through  my cbox . I might miss some due to messages could be disappeared in shortest time[ limited feature.

      This month ,I have received awards from many. thanks.

      I was top 4 hottest blog site[ by   bluedreamer27]

      I am sorry for the above-mentioned.

15. April- month of hope. I wish ---how to say?

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My new journey