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September 16, 2006 , National Wife Appreciation Day. That is it. Many of you may never heard of it, but every husband, if you are a husband, should get to know it right now. It is the day for you to appreciate everything your wife does for you. It is an appreciation day.
Different from the Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary, this occasion focuses on honoring, appreciating rather than sharing. So you need to do something special, only for this occasion, only for your wife.

A creative, memorable gift will be good to mark the day. Not necessary luxury, not necessary big. Your sincere appreciation promises to touch her heart.

With some tools, you can create a flash slideshow for her, First create an appreciation presentation with photos, narrations, music in PowerPoint then convert it to flash with PPT2Flash program. and you could create a "For My Wife" DVD for her. create a presentation then burn it to a DVD with PPT2DVD and a DVD burner. The last step is send the flash file or post the DVD to your wife as a gift of surprise. And all your appreciation for your wife in this occasion will never go with the elapse of time.