1. Every student has the right to learn.
  2. The teacher has the right to teach.
  3. Every student has the right to personal space. Keep your hands, feet, and instruments to yourself.

· If any student chooses to violate these rules/rights, the teacher has the right to take action against the violation accordingly. If the student objects to the teacher’s actions or believes there is a misunderstanding, they may talk to the teacher after class or at a break. Written statements are also welcomed explaining the situation at hand.


· Excessive visiting, chatter, noise, or playing of instruments at inappropriate times violates other students’ right to learn and the teacher’s right to teach.

· At the sound of the first bell, all students should be in their seat and all activity shall be directed to prepare for rehearsal. Immediately upon entering the classroom get your instrument, chair, stand and music ready and begin to warm up until the director takes roll or begins rehearsal. Before class starts, do not congregate by the door or in the instrument storage rooms.

· Absolutely NO playing out of turn! After two offenses, the student will be asked to put their instrument away. Repeated offenses can result in the loss of class participation points from their grade.

· Be on time for all classes and performances.

· Tardies and truancies (skipping) are not acceptable.

· Students must be on time and come prepared to class every day. Unless instructed otherwise, students need to have a working instrument, book, sheet music, accessories (oil, reeds), and a pencil.

· All objects in the room, including music stands, cabinets, white board, instruments, etc. need to be treated with respect. Each student has the responsibility to protect their own instruments. Negligence often leads to expensive repairs. For those students who own their instruments, I would familiarize yourself with the local music repair shop for tune-ups, and other jobs you may need in the course of time. Throwing of objects and running in the band room is prohibited.

· Please use the restroom during breaks or lunch. However, if you need to use the restroom during class you must get the permission and signature of the instructor. You must note the time you leave and the time you return in your planner.

· For safety/health reasons, instrument swapping during class is not acceptable. Never handle another persons’ instrument! Only percussionists are to touch the percussion equipment. Learning a second instrument is encouraged but will be allowed only on my approval.

· Food, gum, and drinks (except for water) are prohibited in the band room. Special permission to eat or drink shall be granted only by the teacher.

· Participating in band requires organization and discipline. Cooperation is needed from everyone in the band in order for learning to occur.


· All students are responsible for providing their own instrument and necessary accessories unless there is an expressed financial need.

· School-owned, as well as student-owned instruments must be kept in good playing condition at all times. You are personally held responsible for your instrument, whether school or privately owned. If you are having a problem with your instrument, it must be taken to a local instrument repair shop in a timely manner. A note from the parent must be provided to the teacher to be excused from playing for the remainder of the time it takes to have the instrument repaired. Please bring all instrument problems to the attention of the teacher immediately.

· Do not leave instruments unattended where they might be stolen or damaged.

· Keep the band room and instrument storage room neat and clean. Instruments, when not taken home to practice, belong in the appropriate area in the instrument storage room. Instruments must be in cases with the case closed and latched. DO NOT leave cases open or sitting out where they do not belong. Nametags must be visible on the outside of the case. All instruments stored in the storage room must be either on a shelf (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, etc.) or set NEATLY against the wall (larger instruments). Percussionist must put away all percussion instruments at the end of class!

· Insure all privately owned instruments with your parents' homeowner's or renter's insurance policy.

· Keep a record of the serial number, model and make of your instrument.

· Your name must be visible on the outside and the inside of your case. Ask your director for a name tag if needed.

· Keep your instrument in top condition. Regular oiling and cleaning are necessary.

· Students will be expected to replace, or pay to repair, any part of a school instrument that is broken by careless use or is deliberately defaced.


· Except for the required Standard of Excellence books, band sheet music will be issued by the school. It is assumed that all students will respect and maintain the condition of the sheet music they receive for band. Music stuffed in instrument cases can damage an instrument and ruin sheet music. All sheet music will be handed in at the end of the year and should be returned in the same condition in which it was issued. Mark your music with pencil only when putting in notes or fingerings. I will be making folder checks throughout the year.


· Concert and performance attendance and participation is mandatory. All concerts, festivals, and other performances are required, unless otherwise noted. These performances are equivalent to major tests in band. A tentative calendar of all known events for the school year is available to students and parents in this handout and is also available on our website: www.cooleymsband.com Any changes to the schedule will always be announced in class, emailed to the parent(s) (if email is provided), and published on the website. For upcoming trips, I will send home a permission slip in advance. It is the responsibility of both the student and parents not to schedule other events that conflict with band performances. Any conflict or absence from a performance requires an email, telephone call, or written note from the parent(s)/guardian explaining the situation to Ms. Sugano at least one week before the event, but preferably as soon as the conflict is known. A make-up assignment will be given for any student that misses a required concert. NO EXCEPTIONS! Band is a team effort and the team suffers without every member covering their part.

· A list of tentative concert and performance dates are listed on this website. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW! Students must arrive on time with a working instrument and with the necessary books and sheet music. It is both the students’ and parents’ responsibility that you are dressed in appropriate attire. “Formal Dress” for the Winter and Spring Concerts is white tops (no T-shirts please), black bottoms, and black shoes and socks.


· In a performance-oriented class, it is extremely important for all students to be present at all concerts and performances, have a working instrument, exhibit proper behavior, and to put forth 100% effort. Grades in all band classes will be based on the following:

  • Weekly Assignment (Practice Records equaling 120 minutes/week)
  • Playing Tests (Check-offs)
  • Class Participation (Effort, Preparation, Attitude & Discipline)
  • Concert & Performance Participation (Attendance, Effort, Attitude & Discipline)

PRACTICE RECORDS are the student’s weekly homework assignment. Students need to fill out a practice record, get it signed by a parent/guardian and turn it in the following Monday. Late practice records will NOT be accepted after the week they were due. You may obtain a practice record from me, the wall mount in the PA room, print one out from our website, or create your own. 120 minutes per week!


  • Call Time for all students is 30 minutes before the performance


  • White Tops , Black Bottoms, Black Socks & Shoes

Attendance is mandatory and a large portion of your grade. We need EVERYONE there to perform at our best! If you are unable to attend due to an illness, emergency or have cleared your absence beforehand, a make-up assignment will be given. All excuses must be cleared with your parent(s)/guardian through Ms. Sugano at least one week before a performance.

Transportation to band events are not provided by the school. Please plan ahead.




  • Beginning Band Students: Standard of Excellence: Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 (Red) AND Book 2 (Blue) for specific instrument. *Percussionists must purchase both the Snare/Mallets and Timpani/Auxiliary Percussion Books (2 for each series).
  • Intermediate & Advanced Band Students: Standard of Excellence: Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 (Red), Book 2 (Blue), AND Book 3 (Green) for specific instrument. *Percussionists must purchase both the Snare/Mallets and Timpani/Auxiliary Percussion Books (2 for each series).
  • All Students: Please put music in a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors for each piece of sheet music.


  • Flute: Cleaning rod, Cleaning swab/cloth, ID Tag for Case, and a Tuner/Metronome.
  • Clarinet/Saxophone: Box of ten #2 reeds (2 1/2 for Intermediate and Advanced Students), Reeds will need to be replenished throughout the school year. Cork grease, Clarinet cleaning swab, soft clean cloth, mouthpiece brush-optional, ID Tag for Case, and a Tuner/Metronome.
  • Trumpet/Trombone/French Horn/Baritone/Tuba: Valve oil (Slide oil for trombone), soft clean cloth, snake, mouthpiece brush, ID Tag for Case, and a Tuner/Metronome.
  • Percussion equipment list: Percussion kit includes a 2 -1/2 octave Bells (notes G3 – C5), Yarn Mallets, Drumsticks, Practice pad, Stick bag with ID tag,Metronome.


*On-Site Instrument Repair Available

REPUTABLE INSTRUMENT BRANDS: Reputable brands that make student model instruments include Armstrong, Artley, Bach, Buffet, Bundy, Conn, Gemeinhardt, Getzen, Holton, Jupiter, King, Leblanc-Vito, Noblet, Olds, Selmer and Yamaha. Pearl and Ludwig are recommended percussion brands. This is only a recommended list.

WARNING: Many instruments purchased at non-music stores have shown to be lacking in craftsmanship and quality. I have been informed that some repair shops have refused to work on these particular instruments. Your child’s progress may be hindered by instruments of poor quality.