In a performance-oriented class, it is extremely important for all students to be present at all concerts and performances, have a working instrument, exhibit proper behavior, and to put forth 100% effort. Grades in all band classes will be based on the following:

  • Weekly Assignment (Practice Records equaling 120 minutes/week)
  • Playing Tests (Check-offs)
  • Class Participation (Effort, Preparation, Attitude & Discipline)
  • Concert & Performance Participation (Attendance, Effort, Attitude & Discipline)


Practice records are an essential part of each students' musical development and are their weekly homework assignment. All students in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced band are required to turn in a practice record each Monday with practice time equaling at least 120 minutes for the previous week and signed by a parent or guardian. The record must be filled out completely, including the students name, appropriate dates, and a parent/guardian signature in order to receive full credit. Late practice records will NOT be accepted after the week they were due. Occasionally, on Ms. Sugano's approval, there may be opportunities for extra credit to make up for missed practice records. You may obtain a practice record from me, the wall mount in the PA room, print one out from the website, or create your own. 120 minutes per week!

See the "Forms" section of our website to print out a copy of the Band Practice Record.


Check-Offs are weekly playing tests where the student plays individually for the teacher on predetermined pieces (see below). They must demonstrate correct notes, rhythms, and articulations while maintaining the beat by tapping their foot. Once the student has met those standards they may then move on to the next check-off piece.

**Fifteen (15) Check-Offs per trimester are required.**

Intermediate and Advanced Level Check-Offs (1 or more years of experience):

Depending on where the student left off in previous years, check-offs for intermediate and advanced students will start somewhere in either the Standard of Excellence, Book 1 (red book), Book 2 (blue book) or Book 3 (green book). The starting check-off will be determined by the instructor. If the student passes all the check-offs in Book 1 and 2, they may then move on to the Standard of Excellence - Book 3.

Beginning Level Check-Offs (No experience or less than 1 year of experience):

Standard of Excellence, Book 1 (red book). Beginning with #7 (Band on Parade) and continuing with all the coined pieces shown in the book. If the student passes all the check-offs in Book 1, they may then move on to the Standard of Excellence - Book 2 and then Book 3.