EMBEDDED LABORATORY: The Learning Resource.
Embedded Laboratory is an online teaching laboratory for Electronics Engineer, in this laboratory we provide tutorials and projects from the field of Electronics and Communication. We deals with Micro-Controller's Programming from 8-bit assembly and C to 32-bit architecture, apart from this we also provide tutorials on MATLAB, PCB Designing and almost everything related with Embedded System.


ARM Tutorials:-
  1. Introduction to ARM Step by Step and Getting Started with Keil IDE.
  2. Introduction to General Purpose Input Output Pins of ARM.
  3. Introduction to Timer and interrupts associated with it in ARM7 Core.
  4. Introduction to UART of ARM and writing there Libraries to send and Receive Data.
  5. LCD Interfacing with ARM (LPC2138) Controller in 8-bit mode and writing its Libraries.
  6. ADC Tutorial and making a Simple Voltmeter Using LPC2138.
  7. LM35 Interfacing with LPC2138.
  8. Using Internal RTC of LPC2138.
  9. EEPROM24C02 Interfacing with LPC2148.
  10. USB-HID on LPC2148.
  11. PS/2 Keyboard Interfacing with LPC1343

PIC Tutorials:-
  1. MPLAB IDE Getting Started Tutorial Video.
  2. mikroC v5.30 Getting Started Video Tutorial.
  3. LED Interfacing and Toggling their states with PIC18F4550 Miro-Controller.
  4. LCD Interfacing and displaying some text on LCD with PIC18F4550 Miro-Controller.
  5. Serial Communication using RS232 Protocol with PC using PIC18F4550 Miro-Controller.
  6. PWM Tutorial using PIC16F877A
  7. Progress Bar Display on LCD using PIC18F2550
  8. Timer Programming with PIC Miro-Controller.
  9. Infra-Red Detection using PIC18F4550 Micro-controller.
  10. Keypad interfacing with PIC18F4550 Micro-Controller.
  11. Graphical LCD Interfacing with PIC18F4550 Micro-Controller.
  12. Reading and Writing data in EEPROM of PIC18F4550.
  13. DS1307 RTC Interfacing with PIC16F877A (Can be ported easily to PIC18F4550)
  14. DS1307 RTC Interfacing with PIC18F4550
  15. Reading and Writing Data to EEPROM of PIC16F877A and PIC18F4550.
  16. USB Communication with PC and sending some data from PC and displaying on LCD with PIC18F4550 Miro-Controller using mikroC Compiler.
  17. USB Communication with PC and Sending some data from PC and displaying on LCD with PIC18F4550 using CCS PIC-C Compiler
  18. Voltmeter RTOS Based using PIC18F4550
  19. SHT75 Interfacing with PIC18F4550 Micro-Controller.
  20. Memory Card Interfacing with PIC18F4550.
  21. PCF8523 RTCC Interfacing with PIC16F877A.

MATLAB Tutorials:-
  1. MATLAB and Its Alternative :- It's Introduction.
  2. Frequency Domain Analysis of a Signal and a Noisy Signal in MATLAB.
  3. Serial Communication(RS232) in MATLAB.
  4. Image Processing in MATLAB:- Introduction.
  5. Signal Processing in MATLAB:- Introduction.
  6. Serial Communication using Simulink.

Miscellaneous Latest Updates are as follow:-
  1. PCF8523 RTCC Interfacing with PIC16F877A.
  2. Serial Communication Using Python.
  3. Using Timer Calculator of Mikroelektronika for generating Timer Interrupt Delays.
  4. Memory Card Interfacing with PIC Micro-Controllers.
  5. SHT75 Interfacing with PIC18F4550.
  6. (ARM-7) LPC2148 Internal ADC Tutorial.
  7. ARM Timer Example.
  8. (ARM-7) USB HID Example
  9. (ARM-7) LPC2148 Serial Port Example
  10. (ARM-7) LPC2148 LED Blinking Example
  11. Progress Bar on LCD Using PIC18F2550.
  12. 4-Bit LCD and Custom Character Display Tutorial
  13. HID USB Example Using PIC18F4550 and MPLABC18 Compiler
  14. USB Based Temperature Monitoring System using PIC18F4550 and MPLABC18 with Plotting in MATLAB
  15. Frequnecy Domain Analysis Using MATLAB
  16. Serial Communication(RS232 Protocol) Using MATLAB
  17. Voltmeter using PIC184550 using RTOS
  18. Nokia3310 Graphical LCD Interfacing with PIC16F877A
  19. DS1307 RTC Interfacing with PIC16F877A
  20. i2C Calculator Software Section
  21. Keypad Interfacing with PIC18F4550
  22. Graphical LCD Based Temperature Monitoring System
  23. NOKIA3310 LCD Interfacing with AT89C51 Micro-Controller
  24. (ARM-7) LPC2138 Interfacing with Graphical LCD
  25. (ARM-7) LPC2138 Interfacing with 16X2 LCD
  26. (ARM-7) LPC2138 Interfacing with LED's
  27. USB Communication using PIC18F4550 and PC using Code Written in CCS PIC-C
  28. Graphical LCD Interfacing using AT89C51 Micro-Controller
  29. CCS PIC-C LCD Tutorial for PIC18F4550
  30. EEPROM Accessing in PIC18F4550
  31. EEPROM Accessing in PIC16F877A
  32. USB HID Software for Communicating with PIC Micro-Controller.
  33. Temperature Monitoring System Using PIC18F4550 and MATLAB
  34. Tutorials for PIC18F4550
  35. USB Software to send data from PC to PIC18F4550 using HID Class Developed in Visual Basic 2010
  36. Serial Communication using PIC18F4550 and PC
  37. USB Communication using PIC18F4550 and PC
  38. Graphical LCD Tutorial.