Dimensional Portal
Reading instruction for Ted, father of Ted.

Sight Phonics

login page: https://www.psyphire.com/~sightphonics/cgi-bin/login?

username: pp-deedrave

password: drama&vote

The sight remembers your position, and you can only navigate page by page, and sometimes when it is acting sluggish this can be annoying. If you want to go back and review some things you've already done, but don't want to click over and over, you can just change the url.


First Page http://www.sightphonics.com/cgi-bin/program/pp-deedrave/60931894/02%20Purple/pg01.html

Second Page http://www.sightphonics.com/cgi-bin/program/pp-deedrave/60931894/02%20Purple/pg03.html

Only odd numbers work in the url. Page 1 is pg01.html, but page 2 is pg03.html, page 3 is pg05.html, and so on.


Marshall Adult Education Stories

url: http://www.marshalladulteducation.org/reading_skills_home.htm

These look like great practice stories. Each story is written so as to take about 1 minute to read aloud at a normal pace. A good simple timer can be found at http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/mintimer/ The first stories will probably be simple enough for you to read the first time, so practice some easy ones and start the timer, and if the timer stops before you're close to the end, you know you're at a level you need to practice.