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With six grandchildren, ranging from Pre-K to early high school Tom has very special reasons to want South Dakota to have one of the best educational systems in the nation. 




And with all six living in Sioux Falls. there is ample opportunity for the grandparents to visit schools for concerts, science fairs and other activities.

Pictured at left at the Omaha Zoo are Alex, Max, Ian, Chris and Will. 

And, on the main page inviting you to see the photos is Elias.


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 And on the trail:

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As Executive Director for the non-profit Dakota Association for College Admission Counseling, Tom has been able to travel to Washington, D.C., on several occasions to provide information to the South Dakota Congressional delegation and their staffs about the need for assistance to students making decisions on post-secondary education options.


Tom oversees the budget and activities of Dakota ACAC, which includes college

planning days attended annually by some 12,000 students throughout South Dakota, workshops for school counselors and college admission professionals, college planning publications and related programs. Postsecondary participants include nearly 100 institutions encompassing public and private two- and four-year colleges, universities, technical institutes, beauty school, hospital-based programs and the military services.

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As a newspaper reporter in Richmond, Indiana, Tom had the chance to cover local government and politics, as well as interact with leaders from across the state and nation, including photographing Ronald Reagan during his campaign for President and conducting a walking interview with Indiana's U.S. Senator Birch Bayh. In the summer of 1970, he also conducted frequent phone interviews with U.S. Rep. David W. Dennis as he sat on the House Impeachment Committee, considering the fate of President Nixon. And, during an interview with then
Indianapolis Mayor Richard Lugar, running for his first term as U.S. Senator, Tom found he'd forgotten a notebook, so quietly grabbed napkins off the table of the senior citizen's center where he was recording the candidate's thoughts on various issues.

On weekends, Tom was often called into service to cover various human interest stories on parades, street fairs and other community events.