Welcome to Cooking With Stu where I'll be collating some of my favourite recipes.

Ensure that you read and understand a recipe fully before beginning. I assume some competence in the kitchen as I generally don't cook by proper measurements and so I wouldn't know what weight of anything would feed any number of people. If you're after proper and precise measurements, this isn't the site for you (unless you're baking - baking nearly always needs proper and precise measurements).

I'd welcome and encourage comments, suggestions and recipe ideas. Play with the recipes to find out what works and what doesn't work, and share that knowledge with everyone by posting comments. When you read a recipe it's worth having a look at the comments to see if anyone's had any brilliant ideas or shortcuts that will improve your dish.

Many of these recipes are directly from, or draw inspiration from, commercial cookbooks. Where this is the case, I'll try to reference the book and provide a link to where you may be able to buy the book. If you like the dish and the style of cooking, I'd encourage you to buy the book.

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