Asparagus salad with pesto & Parmesan (serves 2-3)

Fresh green asparagus are such a divine summer treat that I hate to smother them with sauces or fancy presentations.  This salad really lets the individual ingredients shine, so make sure you use the best pesto and the freshest, slimmest asparagus spears!

1 bunch of green asparagus (as slim as you can find) - about 450g
a few tablespoons of really good pesto (I used Purely Pesto)
Parmesan shavings
freshly ground black pepepr


If necessary, trim the woody ends of the asparagus and wash thoroughly.

Steam the asparagus - an asparagus steamer is ideal as it cooks the thicker stems more thoroughly than the delicate tips, but failing that, any steamer that fits over a pot or pan of boiling water will do.  Bring the water to the boil, then place the asparagus over it and steam for 4-6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the stems, until they are tender and bright green.

Remove from the heat and arrange on a serving plate.  Spoon over the pesto and top with shavings of Parmesan and black pepper. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the pesto.

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