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Professional Cooks

professional cooks
  • engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood; "the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications"; "began her professional career after the Olympics"; "professional theater"; "professional football"; "a professional cook"; "professional actors
  • an athlete who plays for pay
  • (of a person) Engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime
  • Having or showing the skill appropriate to a professional person; competent or skillful
  • Of, relating to, or connected with a profession
  • a person engaged in one of the learned professions
  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume
  • (cook) prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"
  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways
  • (cook) someone who cooks food
  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached
  • (cook) English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

Professional Cooking
Professional Cooking
Following a recipe will get a cook only so far. Cooking like a professional chef involves learning a whole range of basic techniques and procedures, from cutting vegetables and grilling meats to roasting poultry and preparing sauces. With the up-to-date Fifth Edition of Wayne Gisslen's classic Professional Cooking, anyone can learn the essential hows and whys of cooking and "cook like a pro." -- Amazon blurb
10 Downing Restaurant, NYC kitchen, cooks & service
10 Downing Restaurant, NYC kitchen, cooks & service
scallop & foie gras appetizer

professional cooks
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