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How Long To Cook Chicken For

how long to cook chicken for
    how long
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Korean Barbecued Chicken
Korean Barbecued Chicken
I've no idea if this recipe is anything other than some magazine writer's creation. Authentic or not, it is very tasty. I marinade the meat for several hours and it cooks up so wonderfully tender. Korean Barbecue Chicken 8 boneless skinless chicken thighs 1/2 cup soy sauce 4 Tbsp sesame oil 8 tsp granulated sugar 2-3 tsp minced ginger root (or 1 tsp dried ground ginger) 4 tsp sesame seeds 1 tsp coarsely ground pepper 4 tsp minced garlic 1 medium onion per person In a marinading container or bag mix together everything but the onion and the chicken. Add your chicken and marinade at least 2 hours but you can go as long as 8-9 hours (I do). When it is time to grill, slice up 1 medium onion per person and take everything out to the grill. Grill your onions first as they will take longer. I use a barbecue basket to keep the onions contained and I drizzle some of the excess marinade over them in the early stages of cooking for flavor. If you're afraid of the meat juices, use some olive oil instead. Once cooked, set onions aside on a low heat and grill your chicken, discarding the leftover marinade. They cook quickly, 2-4 minutes each side, depending on how hot your grill is. The chicken comes out very tender and just slightly sweet without being sticky. Serve with fried rice or couscous. Serves 6-8. Notes: * This isn't a sticky glaze, so you can substitute the sugar with your favorite sweetener, though I don't suggest using something like maple syrup that might compete with the other flavors. Mild honey or any heat-safe artificial sweetener should be okay. * If you don't have sesame seeds you'll be fine. Most of the seeds fall off on the grill anyway. But make sure you at least have the sesame oil, or the flavor isn't going to be the same. * If you're having a large party, add one thigh per person up to 14 total with that quantity of marinade. Double the recipe if you're going to be cooking more than that. You're discarding the marinade so you only need enough to drench the meat. * Don't skimp on the onions, if you like them. They reduce a lot and believe me, one onion almost isn't enough per person, they taste so good. If you've got some summer squash or peppers, throw those on the grill too!
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup in the Fall. Nothing warms you up better. My recipe is a little different than others, but not much. My secret ingredient is adding rice wafers in as dumplings. You can find these at asian grocers, and they are my favorite part of homemade soup, I add them to pretty much everything. You start by making a stock. I just chop up a chicken, and simmer the chicken, bones and all, in a stock pot full of water for about 4 hours. You add garlic, onion, carrot, and celery in, and a sachet of herbs, and simmer for another hour. Strain out the liquid, and set aside any good meat for the soup. Refrigerate liquid overnight. Next day, scoop off the layer of fat on top of the stock. You'll know it's good if it looks like chicken soup Jell-O. Return the stock to a pot, and I usually add some water at this point - the stock cooks down a lot and is strong enough to dilute. For a soup, I cook celery, onion, carrot, egg noodles, and rice wafers for about 15 minutes. Before putting them in the soup, soak the rice wafers in water to soften them up. How long you need to do this depends on the quality of the wafers. Add in the chicken, season with salt and pepper and a little parsley and you're good to go.

how long to cook chicken for
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