Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

6 dried shiitake mushrooms
4 c cabbage-coleslaw mix-shredded
4 medium green onions-chopped
1 t ginger root-grated
2 cloves garlic-finely chopped
2 T soy sauce
1/2 t sesame oil
30 won-ton wrappers or gyoza wrappers

Soak mushrooms in hot water about 20 min. or until soft-
drain. Rinse with warm water-drain. Squeeze out excess
moisture. Remove and discard stems-chop caps. Spray
nonstick wok or 12-inch skillet with cooking spray-heat
over medium-high heat until spray starts to bubble. Add
mushrooms, coleslaw mix, green onions, ginger root and
garlic-stir-fry about 4 minutes or until vegetables
are very tender. Stir in soy sauce and sesame oil-cool.

Brush edges of 1 won ton skin with water. Place 1 T
vegetable mixture on center of skin. Cover remaining
skins with plastic wrap to keep them pliable. Fold
bottom corner of won ton skin over filling to opposite
corner, forming a triangle-pleat unfolded edges. Cover
filled dumplings with plastic wrap to keep them from
drying out. Repeat with remaining skins and vegetable

Place dumplings on heatproof plate-place plate on rack
in steamer. Cover and steam over boiling water in wok or
Dutch oven 15 min. Serve hot with dipping sauce.
30 dumplings