Italian Beef Grilled Cheese

Hands-On Time: 10 minutes

Ready In: 20 minutes

Serves: 4

4 cloves garlic - roasted in oven until soft (instructions here)

6 Tablespoons salted butter - room temperature

8 large slices rustic Italian bread

16 slices Land O' Lakes 4 Cheese Italian Blend 

1/2 pound deli sliced Italian Beef

1 cup prepared giardiniera - chopped

1. Squeeze roasted garlic from skins and blend well with butter until spreadable.

2. Spread one side of each slice of bread with garlic butter.

3. Lay bread on a grill pan or other heavy bottomed pan over medium-high heat.

4. Add one slice of cheese to each slice of bread in pan. 

5. Layer on beef, giardiniera and other slice of cheese. Top with remaining slices of bread.

6. Cook until bottom side is golden brown and carefully flip to other side.

7. Cook until other side is golden brown and cheese is melted. Be careful not to let your grilled cheese burn!